Review of classic games of nintendo: Duck Hunt (1987)

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Hello friends of En Contacto, this time I want to remember one of the classic video games of Nintendo released in 1987, it is nothing more and nothing less than Duck Hunt.



Duck Hunt was developed by NINTENDO for the Arcade platform, Nes. This game originally did not receive much attention from the critics but from the hundreds of players who frequented and played it. Duck Hunt consists of shooting the ducks that go flying along our screen and thus we are getting points to go advancing level. What you have to do is connect our light gun that usually brought this type of consoles, the best known is the Nintendo Zapper. What I liked the most was the hunting dog that appeared on the screen when one did not hit a duck because he laughed mocking the player and when they were successful he left happy teaching the duck. Said dog is an icon without any doubt of this game.





Game Modes

Duck Hunt has three game modes, known as "A", "B" and "Clay shooting"

In the "A" and "B" mode, the points are collected by hunting the ducks of different colors, and each duck has a different value and that is according to the color it has and in "B" the difficulty is increased. that two ducks appear simultaneously flying the screen which complicates the objective a bit.

colors of the ducks

The green head and black body ducks are worth 800 points



The head and Purple body ducks are worth 1600 points



The black head and red body ducks are worth 3000 points



Modo Clay Shooting”



In this mode the objective to shoot varies since instead of the ducks, they are disks that have to be burst and have a little more difficulty since the disks are small and the time is shorter to meet the objectives. It should be noted that each level of the game has ten objectives to achieve and I do not remember exactly how many are needed to advance the round but each level has a minimum to advance and we only have three shots. The important thing is to take advantage of them when they are close as they gradually move away and it is harder to break them.




Duck Hunt had several mixes, I can not remember exactly which one I had but the best known is the cartridge with Mario Bros.


The Japanese Kōji Kondō and Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka were in charge of giving the original music of "Duck Hunt"



It's fun I think that as I mentioned earlier the protagonism is taken by the hunter dog puts that interesting touch. The game received very few criticisms but if I agree with several of them as for example that the game becomes very repetitive and you get bored of being shooting, the most exciting happens when you progress level and the ducks go faster than there are even moments you spend the bullets and they escape from the screen and you lose points.



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