I Finally Bought a Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Review)

in gaming •  6 months ago

It took me six months to do it, but I finally bought a Nintendo Switch! In this video I talk about why I bought it, why I waited so long, what I plan to use it for, and how I am finding the console.

I have not purchased a gaming console since the Nintendo Wii (circa 2008?).

For me, as much as I love gaming, I don't have the same amount of time these days to enjoy playing as much as I would like. Nonetheless, having a new console (especially one that is portable) will be important to my marketing strategy for building rooks and Queens.

thank you for your time and attention, see you in the comments!


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This isn't to do with switch but I found this crypto game and you make videos about these sort of games so was wondering if you have tried it. Its called cryptokitties and you can trade them for currency but also apparently when you have two cats you can breed them and sell the kitten. https://www.cryptokitties.co/


I’m definitely familiar with the game. Haven’t played crypto kitties yet, but if I’m able to get one of the creators of the game on my podcast, I’ll definitely do a review! (And I’ll try really hard to get one on)

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Congrats!! I really wish I can buy one, but I have many priorities for now. I'm looking for a good gaming posters who share my interests, and switch is really one of them! Can't remember how many reviews I saw of it, or maybe it was just @rerez.


I feel you on the priorities, I waited almost half a year from teh moment I said I want one to finally buying it for that same reason (mad respect).

Thanks for the sub! I do make a lot of gaming content. Mostly centered around games being built on top of blockchains (ill have some podcast Ill be dropping soon with teh creators of soem really dope games).

I also do a lot of posting about my experience trying to start a small business (feel free to ignore that content if of no interest to you lol)

I am very focused right now on blockchain games, but I imagine in a couple of more months I will move into some live streaming myself and playing games on switch (especially once Smash Brothers is realeased)


I remember seeing your name a lot, so yeah, I'm not really a fan of blockchain games usually for the same reason console/PC gamers aren't fan of mobile games. Glad to know you better~

Bruh hide your address. But great video, I'll be subscribing, looking forward to videos, all that stuff


I’m low key hoping people will mail me stuff lol. But your right, probably should be more careful. And thank you for subscribing 🙏🏽. Hope you enjoy the journey

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PO box is the way to go. Or just film in front of your neighbors house hahaha.

Foreal man, i cant believe its already been almost 20 years! I bought my girl a switch a few months ago, she loves it! Im a PS4 guy myself! Subscribing my man!


🙏 thank you for the sub! are you excited for the Kingdom Hearts game on PS4? That is going to be the entire reason I buy one lol. But once smash bros comes out on Switch, you gotta borrow that Switch from your girl and we gotta play!

Niceee. Get mario kart and let's play!

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I will eventaully, I promise! I've used all of my disposable income to buy the system, so I'll have to wait until my bank acct a little more viable lol

what is it's battery timing?


To be honest, I havent played it long enough to really know. But I've heard its close to 3 hours, so not really that good lol