Playing with my friends - The start to a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

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Have you ever dreamed about rebelling against a corrupt government? It seems to be on many people's minds lately, perhaps all of this politics stuff is just a dasterdly plan to sell more game modules of Hell's Rebels. Probably not though.

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From celebistar at deviant art

I am playing a poetic Noble Scion named Clintok Aulorian and, together with my group, we are realizing how essential it has become to fight against the currently established martial law put upon our town of Kintargo. The implementation seems something like Brazil in the 70's, with additional restrictions being added over time until finally a new 'constitution' is born!

This is a fake world of imagination, but it gives us a great excuse to excercise our creativity, and after an unsuccessfully peaceful protest last session, it is now time to take the fight to the hearts and the minds of the people through propagandistic ballads!

The song is sung to the tune of 'Cielito Lindo', a traditionally Mexican song.


Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai
A legendary bowman
the freest of spirits, I beg you all hear it,
Freedom a Tyrant can't stand

From our forbidden histories,
Precious Pueblo I bring you a legend.
A bowman with such fierce will power,
Deng Ai wants to solve our little problem

Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai
Arrow after arrow was fired.
The Devil can't stay, nor his servants arrayed
against Kintargo, as was conspired.

From the capital, Kintargo -
our precious pueblo, has been invaded.
With lawful dictates and the markéd distaste
of violence we've been sedated.

Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai
A great Chilaxian warrior
His legend, I pray, will make you all say,
'Barzillai, here's the door', yeah!

In the end now, it's up to us all,
all of us Kintargans.
To stay in this lawful misery, or reject them
for our own bargains.

Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai
Invisible Hand of Chaos
stands ever defiantly, strong against tyranny,
embracing the chaose inside us.

Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai
A legendary bowman
the freest of spirits, I beg you all hear it,
Freedom a Tyrant can't stand

Blessings to all!

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Great vocals

I appreciate that! I put it all out there ;p

Keep doing what you do if you got the rime check out some of my latest musssic i got on contests