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Donkey Kong is lucky to be such a powerful series, and if the game comes out on one platform, it is hoped that it will appear on the other. The Country Returns went well from the Wii to 3DS, but Tropical Freeze has more ambitions when the living Wii U gets to the current bestseller Switch. In this respect, the Retro Studios boys, similar platforms and higher performance gave them great chances for a great second run. Thanks to better performance, better Switch capabilities and a good deal of time they deliver a great piece for fans. And they packed some news for him.

Tropical Freeze boasts minimal aging. Since the Wii U release, it has been only four years, and every part of the series of this caliber will be cool in the decade without realizing its age. Excellent level design, game structure, and powerup can not let you out of breath, and although the difficulty grows inconspicuously, a certain degree of stubbornness is awaiting you, and you will not let go. Open the next path, lower the next level, pick up all the items. You know it - you learn the levels, remember the techniques of jumping, and the brave ones also call for a time limit.

Spelling the story is not key, and it is enough with a simple plot that the celebration of Donkey Kong and his buddies interrupts the invasion of a frigid nation of seals, walruses and similar cold brains, who were trying to conquer the beautiful green islands and turn them into ice. The contrast of the green base of the jungle and the rising ice blue makes excellent use of graphics for beautiful levels, but there is still room for a kick of other environments: freezing water with underwater caves, occasionally lava level. The further you are, the more slippery platforms or enemy opponents come into play. A few scenes between levels are fun and every move to the next world will greatly delight you, because the design changes and new challenges come to play.

Tropical Freeze has six (plus one secret) worlds trapped by compelling levels, but it reveals them gradually. This is a testimonial of the first world tour, where the first level is a perfect acquaintance, others are easy to access, but at the same time you can quickly find that there is little to this world, and there are still empty sites on the clear map. Do not disapprove, new Donkey Kong levels and coat does not sell cheap - those with the A, B or secret signs you deserve, discover a secret exit or fulfill another condition otherwise you will not get them. The desire to fill in the map is great, play it all too, but how?

Experts know that on the move alone, it is enough to capture the letters KONG. It also sits here, you collect coins (they will join in a bumblebee shop on powerups or helmets), balloons (give one life) or bananas (you have one life for 100, not just pieces but whole tufts). The amount of items deployed to the levels is worthy - especially bananas are in different places, you are motivated to collect all (for example, for a coin or a piece of puzzle). The letters KONG are relatively visible, but they are hardly achievable, so think about how to get them.

Top Challenge Are Pieces of Puzzle - Nine is waiting at each level, but here you have to involve all the brain cortex and already look at the level to tip where they will be. Sometimes you have to go back, sometimes climb the top platforms. If you feel a little underfoot, you have to drum and if a secret hiding place appears. Even dive into the water and swirl every part. It is possible to break a box, collect the same items ... If you get the first run to crack 4-6 pieces, you are very good and attentive. Two or three are the normal number and will remain motivated to repeat the level. Besides, the more you are, the more you like that you go at all and you can eventually take the letters KONG, not to go all the way.

The first two worlds are relatively cool, but the third is the traditional Donkey Kong challenge. You need to find places where you can put your lives in inventory so that you can then (not) chantiac on the poisonous points that authors have prepared for you with a clear goal: to test your patience and abilities where your timing of the jumps, the repeated handling obstacles or waves of enemies. It's hard to determine which element is over and Retro Studios are testing you all: you'll enjoy timeliness even in levels with vehicles like a minivan, where you jump or bend at precisely specified locations. Or you like to add to the fire barrels and let them send to unachable destinations. There is no choice where to go, which again records the replayability. Some levels are so excellent that repeating the jump makes you joy to yourself - to work forward and to discover what is waiting.

This is related to the fact that the new Donkey Kong has a high density of interactivity in levels - seemingly free points, broken fragments, waiting flowers, helicopters, active enemies (jump on a geboule and wander higher), climbing, sloping or sliding places. While the levels flow at ease, you are prosecuted to discover most during the two-three run, but when it comes to the fun, it is challenging to learn sequences and search for active passages. The pace is steadily increasing, but the goals are clear: to discover everything. You do a lot of yourself, as the authors have prepared for you: dynamic parts, active elements, many characters that want to threaten or cheer you up. Uncertain ground underfoot, crazy moves in trolleys or barrels, tricky platforms, and other challenges. Sometimes you catch the bonus just for the price of heart loss, but what else is left to you?

Powerups will also help. Diddy Kong is my favorite because you are sailing and falling much slower. Ideal for levels where you climb and flush out objects from a height. Cranky Kong gives a much higher jump and still has no problem with barbed parts. Thanks to Dixie, you will fly higher. This variable trio is a different option, and if you have enough coins, you can take the mission to the mission. Personally I always start level with one of them, because even more hearts from the first second are good.

A separate chapter is the boss at the end of the levels. They are waiting at the end of the world to give you a good word - whether you jump on your head, use throwing objects or camouflages, shortly, you will come in and win with a hand as you are waiting for. Continuous jump, defensive and cautious attacks are a recipe, sometimes they have to win differently. And the bosses are fairly cracked and the first one will send you half a hops. Authors are here ruthless ...

New in the Switch version is Funky Kong and the ability to play with it. As a playable character, it gives the beginner new possibilities and a whole perspective - the so-called Funky Mode adds the possibility of double jumps, floating on level as a breeze. Its surf is ideal for impact on enemy heads and barbed passages without losing life. It does not need to use air bubbles in the water and is cool. And on the land, he sneaks into the ball and his Roll Attacks take opponents by the groups. Even for veterans, Funky Mode is a welcome addition, they can enjoy some passages without more stress and focus on bonuses.

Graphics have improved slightly compared to the Wii U version, but it was very smooth, rich and colorful. Switch lets you play everything in motion and dock mode. The gorgeous 2.5D view is still spectacular, switching between individual level dimensions will greatly enchant and enrich the whole genre. The aforementioned color palette on Switch excels, the frozen parts are suitably mixed with the classics of other parts. The sound is crazy and complements the overall color - the Donkey Kong is easy, even though it loses its fifteenth life.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze not only did not come back in four years but gained strength and a welcome new mode with Funky Kong, and overall better graphics make the Switch version even better. That's why it deserves a plus of one point over the Wii of the original and a clear recommendation for console owners.