Animal Crossing is a Very Comfy Game

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Have you ever wanted a game where you just kind of do stuff for the sake of doing stuff? Build a home on a deserted island, invite a bunch of furries to live there, decorate your island with stuff as you turn it into a city, catch bugs, fish, hit people you don't like over the head with a net and other such activities? All with no real plot or endgame in sight? Have I got the game for you.

None of that was meant to be sarcastic by the way, that is the general idea of the game. You just kind of do stuff and build up a town. As you play eventually you can start to terraform the landscape, allowing you even more customization about how everything ends up looking. We're not talking mine-craft levels of customization, but there is a lot of it all the same. The main draw here is the ability to build and customize your town.


None of the elements of game-play here are deep at all, but that kind of works in the game's favor. See, the in-game clock is the same as the real world. The idea is you play for a bit every day, checking in your town, waiting on things to happen, and slowly building it all up from scratch. Villagers will start to arrive at your island, with a couple of ways to get them (A Max of Ten villagers can live on your Island), and the ability to send some away if you don't like them (This can take a while though). With 400+ potential villagers, you end up with the ability to craft a vast array of Islands, assuming you are willing to put the time into it.

The actual mechanics are all simple, though the game does feel like it's a bit too imprecise at times. For example, trying to kick dirt back into a hole to fill it up will likely result in you instead picked up something you are standing by. It's also often your shovel or something like that will not hit the mark you think it will. It's a bit annoying, but nothing that's going to affect the game majorly, just know it's likely to happen often.


However, two things are frustrating. The inability to craft items in bulk, even if you have the material on hand, and the fact you have to pull items from your home storage and add them to your inventory to craft, even if you are crafting in your home. For example, it takes one Manilla Clam to craft bait. If you want to go fishing in a specific spot for certain types of fish, your best bet is using Bait to force fish to spawn. Here is the process you follow: Open DIY menu, select bait, click confirm, watch small animation. Pretty simple and reasonable, until you repeat this process anywhere from ten to twenty times to craft all the bait you are going to want. This feels like it just pads out the time it takes to accomplish anything.

Some other things bother me, such as how many fish you need to catch once the fishing contest rolls around. Want that gold trophy? You are going to have to catch over 250 fish to reach the point goal, and you have to do it before 6 PM. There are a lot of small things like this that make the game more frustrating and draining than it needs to be.


All that said, I'm still enjoying my time with it. I'm not using time magic (Adjusting system clock to change the date) to quickly advance, and limiting my trading items and visiting other towns with my friends as opposed to using Reddit threads to gain access to virtually everything, and I do this so I can review this game as close to how it was intended to be played as possible. While those things definitely help to speed up the growth of your Island, kicking back and playing as intended is a fun experience. It's not a game to invest huge amounts of time into days, it's something you are meant to check on for short periods of the day and dick around. If that sounds appealing to you, it's worth the purchase despite some frequent issues as mentioned above.

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