BTD6 Released To Youtubers (Actual Gameplay Videos)

in #gaming2 years ago

Ninjakiwi made a smart move of giving early access to popular YouTubers. I have listed some of the best videos I've watched and the gameplay is absolutely amazing! The videos were released around a day ago and they already have plenty of views. There is no doubt BTD6 will be a popular game. Even the popular gamers, MasterOv and MOLT are playing BTD6.

From the videos below, we can see how the game works. All the fancy new towers and their three upgrade paths, the heroes, the level up system, the special powers, the new maps...the gameplay is awesome!

Gameplay from MOLT (2.6M subscribers)

Gameplay from MasterOv (2.5M subscribers)

Gameplay from Bodil40 (1.8M subscribers)

Gameplay from ISAB (83K subscribers)


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After watching the gameplay videos, which is your favorite monkey and why?

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