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The Scaraleaf Dungeon was one of the most important dungeons in the ancient Dofus years, since most of the characters only dominated one element. Considering that the Scaraleaf teams are a unique element and most of the current characters are of multiple elements, Scaraleaf's team is a bit obsolete, since nobody would want to have something that does not satisfy it completely, it is better to equip ourselves with something that increases the general damages and not of a single element.

Currently the dungeon is only used to achievements and obtain useful resources for missions, since in one of the phases of one of the most important missions of Dofus is to obtain wings of Scaraleaf in white, red, green and blue. It turns out that to reach a new and mysterious island stranded near Amakna, we must use those wings to reach the island, for this we need the help of an apprentice of Otomail, who illustrates us to reach our destination.

This is the first dungeon that is far from Astrud, since we will have to travel a long way to reach the dungeon, crossing villages, rivers and forests. The dungeon is exactly in position [1,26] where a curious archer proposes to defeat the dungeon and defeat the Golden Scarabugly, since that creature is supposed to stalk the cities.


The Scaraleaf are basically beetles that can be found in the lower part of Amakna, these curious creatures, like those of the beach, are capable of mastering an element that is specific, in a sense such that it is inevitable not to bother, since unlike the fish, the Scaraleaf are able to have up to 100% resistance to their base element, which will make our moves very complicated, they will not even want to imagine how difficult it will be if we only dominate an element with our character.

White Scaraleaf

The White Scaraleaf is able to dominate the air element, causing damage of the air type and having 100% resistance to that same element, which makes it totally impossible to damage them with that element, the disadvantage of this creature is that it has 50% weakness to the earth element, attacking it with that element is essential to kill it quickly, in addition it is also capable of invoking an air type flame to help it in combat.

Red Scaraleaf

This creature is the Scaraleaf that dominates the fire element, it also has a 100% resistance to the fire element, also a 50% weakness for the water element. All Scaraleaf can invoke a flame to help him in combat, so this Scaraleaf invokes a fire type flame to help him in combat.

Immature Scaraleaf

This small Scaraleaf has not yet been developed, therefore, it is not dedicated to any specific element, depending on the combat the random resistance will appear between -10% and 100%, the base element that will appear in the combat will be the element whose Resistance has 100% tolerance, but generally it is not so annoying since the total amount of life is low.

Green Scaraleaf

The Green Scaraleaf is the one that dominates the element of the earth, which has a 100% resistance to the element of the earth, like the rest, can also invoke a flame to help him in combat. This is usually one of the most annoying Scaraleaf that exists, since most of the characters have the earth element as a base element. Its weakness is the air element, with a 50% weakness for that element.

Blue Scaraleaf

Probably its color is easy to guess, its base element is water, which makes it 100% tolerant to the water element, its weakness is the fire element with a 50% weakness, it can also invoke a flame that helps fight. The elimination of Blue Scaraleaf is an easy task, since all the characters dominate the fire element.

Black Scaraleaf

The Black Scaraleaf is the one who represents the neutral point of everything, this creature has been able to ignore all the basic elements and dedicate itself to be totally neutral, which makes it 100% resistant to neutral damage, in turn it can also have 20 to 24 % resistance to the other base elements. Killing this Scaraleaf is not as simple as it seems, since it is capable of becoming invisible t, it is probably the most intelligent of the Scaraleaf.

Golden Scarabugly

This creature is the head of the Scaraleaf dungeon, it turns out to be the most resistant of all, since it has a lot of life and high resistance to all the elements. The Golden Scarabugly can summon a partner at random to help him in combat, according to our luck can call any of the Scaraleaf mentioned above, but usually all are immature and clumsy, I recommend killing this creature in the last position, since It is difficult to kill.


Scaraleaf Dungeon

It is not allowed to kill the Golden Scarabugly outside his dungeon, to achieve this achievement we must kill him alone in the Scaraleaf Dungeon, it is also important to have a level greater than or equal to 40, the achievement is fulfilled only when overcoming the dungeon, if we overcome we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Golden Scarabugly (Zombie)

To achieve this achievement, we must use only one movement point per game turn, that is, it is not allowed to take more than one step in your turn. Bearing in mind that these creatures are quite resistant and invoke comrades in combat, achieving this achievement is extremely tedious, since they will easily surround us and could kill us. I recommend doing this achievement and then doing the others, if we achieve the achievement we will obtain 10 achievement points.

Golden Scarabugly (Clean Hands)

This very curious achievement consists in assassinating Scaraleaf without direct damage, that is to say that we will not be able to kill them with a direct attack. To kill Scaraleaf without direct damage you can use poisons and thrust damage, we can always cause direct damage, but we must be careful not to kill them. My recommendation is to lose a lot of life with direct damage, once Scaraleaf has a short life, we proceed to kill him with some type of poison, if we succeed we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Golden Scarabugly (Duo)

The easiest and most rewarding achievement of all, is to overcome the dungeon with a single partner, it turns out that the more members have in the dungeon, the more difficult it will be. I recommend taking with a partner capable of mastering several elements, since taking into account that the Scaraleaf has a 100% resistance to its base elements, having an ally that weakens them is a pretty big gift, if so we will obtain 20 points of achievement.

Golden Scarabugly (Score 70)

Arriving at 70 is not that complicated, we just have to have a couple of basic idols to get a score of 70, without the need to buy idols so deep and expensive. For this achievement, I recommend using idols that give points of movement and perhaps a cumulative damage per turn, if we reach the score 70 we get 10 points of achievement.

Golden Scarabugly (Score 300)

Obviously score 300 is much more difficult than score 70, considering that all Scraleaf creatures summon and others become invisible, I recommend using idols that give movement points when possible, also some that provide some damage but not so significant. If we carry positioning idols we will obtain a defeat, since in many cases it is difficult to predict their movements, if we achieve the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.


R - 1

R - 2

R - 3

R - 4

R - 5

R - 6



If we are clearly new players and we have absolutely no money to buy a team of multiple elements, this dungeon could be the solution to all our problems, in fact previously the players were only dedicated to a single element, so it was very common to see players between levels 40 and 80 with the Scaraleaf equipment.

Personally I recommend going from time to time to get wings of Scaraleaf, because when used in important missions, players tend to want to take the easy way and buy them from another player, usually the wings have a value of 1k to 5k, it is a very useful money for new players who are just beginning to play Dofus.

I recommend avoiding as much as possible dominate a single element, mastering several is very important in Dofus, since we never know what are the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents, I only recommend mastering a single element when our character will engage in retreats or cures, I recommend that the attack will always have to be hybrid if possible.


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