Halo 5 Guardians Red vs Blue

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Streaming of Halo 5 Guardians
Red vs Blue



So I decided to stream some game play after I heard about the upcoming E3 announcement of the next Halo game Halo Infinity, even though Microsoft is keeping a lot of things around the game hush hush until then it still got my attention. If yor a Halo 5 gamer and looking for some tournament action my son and I are always entering tournaments and always looking for additional players for 4v4 matches so feel free to add me MortalXJustice. Thanks for watching this post and I'm wishing you all the best stay safe steemians.



Disclaimer The image used on the header of my post can be found on Wallpapersite. If you stream your game play at all leave the info in the comments and I'll definitely check it out.

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Hello Friend how are you? I do not play this but it seems very exciting, I like your tattoos, greetings to the beautiful Logan


@jennimorillo Thank you for your continued support on the post that I've been posting. I hope all is going well thats funny i didnt even realize that i had my tattoos exposed. Thanks again for the comment.


I like tattoos on a man, I still appreciate your support very much

You know I admire you so much

Supper fantastic game
I appreciate your post
Well done sir
Your all posted is so well done

Esta excelente tu gameplay, me encantan los videojuegos, desgraciadamente vivo en venezuela y es casi imposible comprarme una, me gusto tu post bro


@chuchoafonso thank you for showing love man i definitely appreciate it i hope all is going well for you.

Had only play this once at the demo shop. Really nice if it can be introduce to ps4

cool graphics in this game

"MortalXJustice"...now that's a great name.

I fucking love Halo! The Red vs. Blue series was a classic.

Followed! @Carterx7

Streaming of Halo 5, no he tenido la oportunidad de jugarlo pero por lo que se ve es muy bueno ese videojuego

Wow man, it's reflecting as super cool shooting game and running so smooth. And i really like to play games and my favourite games are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Max Payne 3, few months back bought GTA 5 but not working on my system due to low end specifications. Thanks for sharing this gaming stuff with us and i hope you really enjoyed it. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

You got a 63.33% upvote from @sleeplesswhale courtesy of @carterx7!


Resteemed 😊

Best of luck😉

wow this is really impressive

I Resteemed your post
I am very impressed for you

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Halo 5 guardians. I can sense awesomeness from its name even. Indeed for.surr it 's gonna be an awesome game. Action filled and very thrilling. 5hansk for sharing this wonderful post. Love the game.