Game of the Week Recap: BROCFML Season 5 Week 2 Jaguars vs. Texans

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Game of the Week

This week in the BROCFML, we had the most anticipated matchup yet as The Commissioner-led Houston Texans faced off against @ATS-David’s Jacksonville Jaguars.
Both teams began the season 1-0 with hopes of moving a bit closer to the playoffs, although we’re still early in BROCFML Season 5.
Here’s a quip recap of the game along with highlights. Watch full games here on the BROCFML Twitch channel.

First Quarter

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The game got off to an interesting, yet low-scoring start as the Houston Texans began to force turnovers. After the first field goal of the game, the Texans’ Richard Sherman came up with a clutch interception to give the Texans the ball inside the Jaguars 30-yard-line.
Jaguars came up with the stop and the Texans had to settle once again for a field goal. The Jaguars, now down 6-0, begin a promising drive that is stopped by an impressive scoop and score after Saquon Barkley makes a very rare mistake – a fumble.

End of 1st quarter score: 13-0 Houston Texans

Second Quarter

The second quarter welcomes turnover city to the BROCFML. Right after Jaguars made an interception, they lost a fumble on the next play. This turnover led to a Houston Texans field goal with just under two minutes left to go in the 2nd quarter. The first half ends with Houston Texans in control.

End of 2nd quarter score: 16-0 Houston Texans

Third Quarter

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The field goal romp continues in the third quarter after the Texans receive the ball first. Before the quarter comes to an end, the Texans add another two field goals to stretch their lead to 25.

End of 3rd quarter score: 25-0 Houston Texans

Fourth Quarter

Up 25-0, the Texans unofficially put the game on ice with a tip-drill pick-6 to go up 32-0. Although the game was now out of reach, the highlights would continue.
Drew Brees gets the Jaguars on the board with under 10-minutes to go in the game with a nice QB sneak.
The commissioner’s Texans were not going to just run out the clock. Aaron Rodgers connected with Adam Thielen for a beautiful touchdown in the back of the end zone, making it 39-7.

End of game score: 39-10 Houston Texans

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In the end, it was the Houston defense that made the difference. It’s hard to win any game with 9 turnovers. The Texans will look to continue their dominance through a light upcoming schedule before once again facing the Jaguars in week 9.
@ATS-David won last year’s BRO Bowl and shouldn’t be counted out of anything. He’ll be working the phones, making changes to his roster and formations and feeling out trade offers.

Come and Join Us!

You can watch all of the action from every BROCFML game here on the BROCFML Twitch channel. Week 2 is over and week 3 action is starting now.

Week 3 Game of the Week

The BROCFML Season 5 game of the week for week 3 is the Oakland Raiders (@BoatSports) vs. Minnesota Vikings (@beat-the-bookies). Stay tuned for updates and results or just watch the stream to see for yourself.

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