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Hello steemian .. !!!

League of angels II is a 3D MMORPG browser game with a beautiful 3D graphical display thanks to the work of world-class artists and designers.
we can choose one of the server that has been determined. This for those who have not registered into the game.

After being registered into a game like my account.

When you play at a high level like this look.
the highest level 120.

But, for new players that level is very important. Because there will be many tasks that we have to accomplish, so that strength will grow stronger. If our account wants to get strong fast we can do the diamond charging, it depends we want to play. There are also those who play as free players.

We can only use five heroes in the game.

if you want to focus on all your heroes no problem, it will be very strong in your squad. You can also focus one of your heroes to be stronger, Like my hero I just focus for one hero only. As you wish later if you want to play in this game.

the daily task of getting the prize.

increase equipment to get stronger.

the pets that help us in battle.


follow the event to get more prizes.

do not forget to follow me@boyan140799

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Wow some really great gaming content, as a fellow gamer myself I'm going to definitely upvote you and can't wait for more content, also if you don't mind checking me out also it would be a very great help, maybe even do me as follow and as few upvotes


thank you guys .. i will follow you. :)