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Okay... There is no logical reason why this is one of the more sought after cards in the Steem-monsters library of cards. The Furious Chicken is a zero damage, low health card that is probably good for soaking up a single attack... Something that I sometimes use the Slime for...

But the chicken is zero man's... Which means if you have a slot free then you may as stuff this killer card in there. I would lose it laughing if I managed to win a battle with this card being the only one left standing... The ultimate humiliation!

I think there should be a huge reward prize for the first person that manages that... But that said, people will game the system to win... Ruining the fun for the rest of us... Perhaps we should have chicken only tournaments?

Anyway, I'm so happy that I drew this guy in my daily rewards today! I was starting to think that would have to buy this symbolically valuable but totally useless card...

Steem-Monsters (aka the best blockchain game out there!)

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I know I want that chicken so bad!


It's a good filler. I want another 3 as I'm running 4 accounts now. Only got 1 so far. I doubt I will level my Chickens!

Haha... I just got my second Chicken... but I keep forgetting to play it... I make the mana limit... and then just keep hitting play!

What a fun card! Hahaha!

It's a funny and strange one... but one that is strangely more useful than I thought!

Actually its a must have card. Incredibly useful.

Actually, I'm starting to see the use of it! it is a good way to make the enemy waste an attack... if I remembered to play it! I keep forgetting to add it in....

Good to counter ruler of the seas a bit although that card is op.

Its probably most usefull playing it with life against fire splinter that does a lot of back attacking.
But life should almost always beat fire anyways. Lol.

A number of cases with different modes exist.

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I had never heard of this card but when I got it I was super excited. 0 cost to play and just hilarious to watch! Thanks for sharing!

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It's really a useful card... the trouble is that I keep forgetting to play it... I reach the mana limit and then forget that there is a 0 mana attack sponge to play!

Hahaha. Chickens. Insert fowl puns here.

Ouch... that hurts!

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Congrats! I keep wanting to collect cards and not finding the time for it! So it’s fun to read about others’ collections.

Ah... living through the others! Classic!

Yes, and I can do it from anywhere, ha ha! Maybe when I’m retired I can do all the things.