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There is no doubt that each country has its own holidays or seasons in Korea there is a day called White Day or the white day, which is very similar to the Valentine's Day, which is universally recognized, except that during this day the young man presents to his dream girl a simple gift in a box of chocolate only We did not imagine for a moment that this game was one of the most terrifying games we have ever experienced or one of the most successful survival horror games that has been able to dig its name in the history of the best games of this kind in our memory for a long time.


History of the game :

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School may not be a new release in the world of Survival Horror, the date of its actual release was 2001, on September 5 of this year, but only in Korea on the PC. The match in Korea for the kind of video games in a way that aroused the desire of fans of horror games to experience what is believed to be more of those games scary, and despite the many amendments to the game and try many of the Moders from the English translation but not been issued officially by the developers of the game only In 2015 as a remake or remake on phones ZAK With an improved graphics level and again this year 2017 on Sony's PlayStation 4 platform by ROI Games

During the 2001 release by Lee Eun-Seok in Korea, she was able to win the title of the most terrifying games, provoking some commentators that they could not finish because of the horror that most of them experienced while playing the game. Modifications of the game in the form of systems to play offers a less frightening experience before but compared to many other things in the game, such as the number of storage times, for example, which are less during the game experience at the most easy levels, but compensates some of the messages that you receive on your phone in the virtual game help you from time to time While at the most difficult levels you can not find that property completely, but you can store your progress rate in the game more easily than the easiest levels, which provide the least amount of horror in the game and through our experience of the game on the PS4 platform Experience it at the Hard and above level because it will be one of your most exciting Survival Horror games, which we do not think you will ever forget.

The story of the game :

The story of the game begins with the admiration of her hero Lee Hee-Min with a girl called Han So-young, whose daily jokes are placed on one of the school's playgrounds. During the white day day, the hero of the game decides to return the girls to the hot girl with her gift for the day and start an adventure within 10 PM. Although the school is a ghost at night, although it is now a boarding school, it was in the past a Korean war hospital where many of the victims and victims of the war died. To this day they wake up at night looking for new lives. Your only horror during your White Da experience y A Labyrinth Named School But there is also the school guard who is chasing her students who roam through the night relentlessly to beat them to death and Lee Hee-Min will have to try to escape from the night of the strangest nights of Umrah, but the most terrifying and dark.

Play style :

This game belongs to the world of horror games, which is your experience to make them through the perspective of the first person may be very similar to the game of Amnesia, which was issued in 2010 on the PC platform and also the fact that there is no type of weapons in a game and those The situation will be hiding and hiding is your first and last strategy for the duration of the game which is within the limit of ten to 12 hours depending on the level of difficulty of the game as the game offers a mechanism of conversation Tree is similar to what we see today during the RPG games, but in a very simplified but very influential story Your relationship with the characters of the game and so on Li has a strong influence on the end of the game.

And on the occasion of talking about the endings you have to know that the game eight ends are somewhat different from the other and based on the method of difficulty will be available to you a certain end in case you choose to experience on the Easy and you will notice a difference in the case of difficulty Hard and so you will notice a difference in the mechanisms of gameplay itself based on The difficulty level, for example, in the easy or normal mode, you will find the game less frightening. You will also find the Health items more easily than the Hard difficulty level, but you will have great chances to store the save file for your progress in the game.

You will also be able to purchase these health items, such as Soyabean Milk, Lunch Boxes, in a currency you will find while exploring the surrounding environment such as classrooms or various school activities, but the scarcity of their presence will be based on the same level of difficulty as mentioned above. documents that explain the backgrounds of students and teachers or provide you with information on the method of solving one of the gas game and also explain some of the experiences of students of the school lives that chase various buildings and the back of the school.

In the course of our experience of the game, which despite the depth of the mechanics and methods of play, but actually provide the mechanics of playing in an old style in a very strange and the AI of the school gate, which is supposed to be one of the most frightening factors of the game, but actually found the most disturbing factors in many Attitudes like the style of escape from it is very frequent as soon as you notice you will have to try to escape it and every time I find that hiding in one of the cabins baths is the best way to get rid of it throughout the life of the game as it will continue to follow during periods of controversy for the game.

The Graphics :

There are several factors that you will notice during your experience of the game. It may be contradictory. For example, the design of some characters such as So-yeong or Seol Ji-hyeon is really good. The overall atmosphere of the game was really good for the lighting, although the accuracy of the textures in the world of the game, although my experience of the game was obvious on the PS4 and here I do not see any conciliation by the developer in his choice of engine Graphics Unity is one of the most complex graphics engines of all time and the most vulnerable compare rest of the fees engines of our times did you only notice the extent provided that the game, which is supposed to be Remake not Remaster, but in fact you might see just a re-issue of copy phones pure, but the level of an improved graphics and visual skills.

The Sounds :

Voices may be the sounds around you are actually the most factors that in several times closed by the intensity of psychological fear that is passing in your imagination and your soul and the sound of ringing keys that alert you to approach the school gatekeeper or the sound of his whistle, which is launched at the time of discovery you make you at times if you did not notice him shudder From the inevitable result if you did not hide from it correctly, the salvation of following you is not easy at all in the first hours of the game, and was provided the sound of the windows to each other or the sound of the whistling of the wind or different voices that aim to provoke an atmosphere of horror in your psyche more than Wonderful I hope to be in some The sound of those days The voices of those souls chasing you in the dark and the sound of screaming with the sudden emergence in many times, the best I have experienced during this generation of video games, either the soundtracks in the game is quite the opposite of the most disturbing factors at least For me it depends on Korean folklore and here the degree of enjoyment of soundtracks will be purely relative from one person to another, and the sound performance of the characters of the game and Jeddah is different from normal to good at least for the performance of audio in English and despite the introduction of the game the option of sound performance in Korean but I found it annoying Z thing surprising that language for me, it is not, for example, the Japanese language written by many of us as especially that you are a Japanese Anime series lovers of.

Game duration and replay value :

You need more than 12 hours to finish the game with the most difficulty and although it is a linear game, but it offers 8 different ends depending on the difficulty of choice and your choices during the game, which is good adds to the game value for the return, especially that lovers of horror games will love the atmosphere of horror, Adds to the story does not open only in case it ended on the most difficult to open this part of the story interesting and which has been added in this version.

The Conclusion : 

Finally, the game White Day, despite the disadvantages that we talked about earlier is one of the most horrifying games at the moment, despite the humility of providing the quality of its graphics but the overall atmosphere of the game with the effects of sound more than excellent and multiple endings, which encourages the repetition of your experience at different degrees Difficulty makes it really one of the most dreaded games I might recommend, especially if you are the one who loved those kinds of games. At the same time, its modest price of $ 25.49 may encourage some to experience and enjoy what some people think of one of the most horrifying video games in history

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