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Game Review Prince of Persia 3 The Two Thrones

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Hey friends ! 

Today I want to give you the best game I have seen, it's really amazing  Prince of Persia 3 The Two Thrones , I want to give you some videos and picture about this game and how we can play it , follow me ..     


Everyone remembers the wrong Prince who did in the first part of "Sands Of Time".

And then came back again and violently in "Warrior Within" to restore water to normal.

Here he is now back to his own House first, Babylon city. To enjoy sex with his mistress Kaileena.

But the Prince will be surprised what comes to mind, destruction and havoc on the city.

Then he attacks the Prince by unknown people to be arrested and placed under captivity.

Of course love Kaileena has made her sacrifice herself to open for sands of time Time Of Sands and save the Prince successfully..

But it caused the dark Prince appears Dark Prince who does not know the meaning of compassion and begin your adventure heroes.

Differ in temperament. , The method. , Target.

Let's speak how the playing style of this game :

We can say that the game has changed 180 degrees! Yes, now would play two contradictory.

First, our indispensable good at decoding puzzles and solve his intelligence, as well as known and the acrobatic movements, but I don't think it will help you during battles, because the dark Prince Lies in its hardness and harshness during battles, like putting specifically for fighting, and for the record, just the normal Prince moves and methods have been developed and no longer as before, also do not forget to change the way To the profile of the real Prince to dark, it would be in the form of specific intervention area to be taken to the desired character.

Either the surprise everyone waits, liberty became really existed and you can roam around the city of Babylon, for example, as soon as the legend Jack, but only you will be able to by Prince Normal jump rise rooftops and jumping from building to building, the dark Prince, will give you the natural progression and only walk in the streets.

Never ending surprises, developer Tony Kee told  it would be way to sneak into the game! , Where you can apply to back of enemies and decapitated his body without any discomfort and inconvenience. As well as the puzzles back again along the battles as they were in the first part, also ways make use of environment and solids around you evolved along with new moves.

Game control

  • Knob left control: move
  • Right analog control: photography
  • X: jump-roll when moving the left controlknob in case of edge for you.
  • Box: combat attacks by primary weapon triangle: attacks by secondary weapon
  • Circle: pick up weapons (secondary)-secondary weapon throw enemy (while with you)-drop rims
  • R1: to walk on walls with the left analog handle (while holding her and pressed the L1 key it will use sand skills)
  • R2: move to first person perspective
  • R3: camera focus completely after the Prince.
  • L1: press it once to use skill to slow down time-pressed to use skill restore time
  • L2: Remote Imaging and monitoring where you are fully 
  • START: show the list of options and moves in and out or keep playing

Animation techniques:

Walk on walls and jumping to the edges:

To walk on the wall vertically move left analog knob toward him while pressing R1 for the Prince to the wall vertically, you can press x while you're walking on a wall Perpendicular to jump backward.

To walk on the wall sideways must move left analog knob toward the wall but no corner diagonally and press R1 when approaching the wall to walk through it horizontally a bit this will slash Technique in reaching distant borders or edges corresponding to the wall by pressing the x key while you're walking on the wall to jump toward the opposite edge.

Slipping between two walls:

It is a new technology has been added in this part, you will find the corresponding gedrain to each other constitute a simple vacuum between them, this void that Prince can get stuck him passionately opposing walls Using his hands and legs and sliding across the wall using the analog left handle down or up to height. You can also rotate to the other party by the left analog handle to opposite side of the Prince.

Shove the dagger in the dish:

New technique of facilitated added to this part.As you will find in the dish-shaped hole wall you can walk on the wall for access or in any way intended to reach it, and when you get to press square to Prince using his dagger and attachment Across this plate.Then you can relate to going on the wall towards the left or right by pressing R1 and moving the left analog knob towards the right or left to walk the wall and reach the edge, for example, or anything else.As you move to the next dish that was above the plate on an example by simply pressing the x key and press box to go to that plate.

The propeller (plank):

Frequently this type of panels in the game and are also added benefits.As you will find on the walls wooden tablets on the wall to access secret when up press x to do the plank function and is a function of the spring fling you towards another edge diagonally to reach it.And you can't get to some of the edges, but the existence of these wood panels. As you move from plank and another, and you can also use it as a tool to kill some guards as a knockdown.


Sometimes you will find a drop-down iron chain from the ceiling down, you can jump and glide across it like any other, a rope of new things that have been added in the game but don't consider it that As well as adding revolutionary dangling across the plate, for example.They add a particularly good you can use it as a method of infiltration and Dunks for guards and especially evil transformation special knockouts and is hanging by a string.


There are two phases will ride their horse cart. Horse-cart rides fresh flavor broadens action element to the game.As far as ease of carriage control as much fun that will pertain during the ride vehicle. All you have to do is move the handle left analog left and right to move the carriage.The guards will work on your vehicle climbing aspects to startle you, press square rapidly until working on hitting them and dropping them on the cart, you can also run over guards.Will attack you horse carts will attempt pushed to the wall and thus colliding with and crashing your vehicle and therefore the loss.So you push the analog left handle towards the opposite side of the body that pushes you to her, trying to shock the wall and get rid of it.

The rest of the movements are all known from the first part and the second.And it has never been tried first and second part, he can learn those moves from the beginning of the game by following the instructions that ask him on screen.

Some pictures About the game : 

New game:

Control with two different people.

-Free play.

-Return puzzles.

Add method-infiltration, any killing in one blow.

-New moves and different methods.

Gamespot site assessment:

8.4 great

 Game informations :

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Number of Players: 1 Player
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP 

Minimum System Requirements

System: 1000 MHz Pentium III
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 1000 MB
Other: DirectX 8.0 compatible sound device

Recommended System Requirements

System: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 16000 MB

Look at the video :

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