Darkrai Raid Hour and a new Shiny encounter!

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Today the weekly Raid Hour once again featured Darkrai for the second time and it'll also the be the last for a while as Darkrai is leaving Raids on November 1. Most likely it won't return to Raids until next year's Halloween event. The local playground with the Houten Schip Gym didn't have a Raid as it is hosting an EX-Raid on November 4, and the local park was already closed. We initially wanted to start there, but like an hour or half an hour before the Raid Hour someone confirmed it was already closed, due to it getting darker outside much earlier, so we had to start at one of the gyms we usually do the 2nd Raid at.

That first Raid we did gave me a good Darkrai though! A 96% IV with 15 attack, 15 defense and 13 HP. That's my best Darkrai so far. Still hoping to get lucky and catch a 100% IV one, as I'd definitely love to power up a 100% IV Darkrai to max by using my supply of Rare Candies on it.

96 IV Darkrai.jpg

After that Raid we couldn't go to the next Gym we usually do as it has a 2* Raid egg on there that still had to hatch, so we went to the market place instead. When we finished that Raid a lot of people were already done, less than half of us did want to continue. So we decided where to go.

On the way to that Gym, from where we'd be able to walk to 2 more Raids, we were just talking during the walk and I was clicking on some of the spawns on the way. When I clicked on a Drifloon, I was suddenly faced with a Shiny Drifloon! Finally! I never encounter the Ghost-type Pokémon as Shiny. My only Shiny Ghost-type Pokémon so far were 2 Gengar from Gengar Raid Day and a Gastly that I hatched from an egg. So it felt extra awesome when I encountered this Shiny Drifloon and caught it! :D

Shiny Drifloon.jpg

With that 3rd Darkrai Raid we did I was unable to catch it! There goes my 100% catch rate for Darkrai unfortunately. At least it was not a 100% so it's not that bad that it ran away, I just miss out on the Darkrai Candy from catching it then. Most people who were still with us did not want to continue after that raid, and we couldn't beat Darkrai with us who still did want to do more Raids. So we had to stop as well unfortunately. At least we still did 3 Raids, but I did want to do more.

Did you participate in the Darkrai Raid Hour?

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