3 Galarian Mr. Mime from Limited Challenges

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Ahoy, in the previous blog post I showed the Catch and Friendship Challenges from the Pokémon GO Holidays event. At that time I couldn't complete the Friendship Challenge yet due to having to send gifts to Friends for 3 days in a row.

By now I have completed that challenge. So I started catching all the encounter rewards. Those encounteres were Holiday Pikachu, Vanillite, Holiday Delibird and Galarian Darumaka. Here you can see screenshots from the encounters and the stats for the ones I got.

Friendship Challenge Encounters.png

Nothing too fancy, quite good stats on the Galarian Darumaka. Unfortunate the attack stat is 14 xD

Apparently starting on the 25th, I guess because I didn't see it before, Niantic suddenly also added a Winter Wonderland Challenge. This is a Collection Challenge (the Catch Challenge was not this time around). So it counts towards the Elite Collector medal.

This challenge requires Trading the Pokémon listed there.

Winter Wonderland Challenge.png

For most of them I already transferred the bad ones that I caught the days before. So after I caught them again I then mirror traded them with friends for the challenge. This resulted in the increase of my Elite Collector medal as you can see below.

Collection Challenge.png

Earlier I mentioned we would have two Galarian Mr. Mime encounters, from the Catch Challenge and Friendship Challenge completion rewards. This new Winter Wonderland Challenge completion reward also leads to a Galarian Mr. Mime encounter. So we're able to get 3 Galarian Mr. Mime encounters.

I caught them in the order of Catch Challenge, Friendship Challenge and Winter Wonderland Challenge. In this next screenshot I have my encounters in that order.

Galarian Mr. Mime.png

All of them are 3-star so that's pretty great. I'll probably trade the first two eventually. As they have the worst stats. But I'm not too sure when I would. The reasoning is that I'd wanna have a good chance to get one Lucky, so I can evolve it to a Lucky Mr. Rime. I assume we'll eventually be able to catch more of these from either a future event's Field Research Tasks or in the wild (possibly in event spawns). And a chance that they'll be in Eggs sometime too, most likely those would be 7 km Eggs.

If I wanna trade them now I'd probably wait until an event with a higher chance to get Lucky Pokémon from trades. Another possibility is when I'm Lucky Friends with a friend who'd want to trade this one. It just feels like that might be a waste of a Lucky Trade. So we'll see what I do eventually! For now I'll keep them.

Did you complete the challenges? What was your best Galarian Mr. Mime?

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