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RE: Final Fantasy XII: A Long-Belated Intermediate Gameplay Perspective (Part 1)

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Methinks perhaps Vaan suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury which resulted in significant damage to the left lobe- rendering him incapable of pessimism, sadness, and the negative.

Or it could be he suffers PTSD and the Vaan we see is the biproduct of severe survival coping mechanisms.

Or maybe, just maybe, Vaan is the consequence of end-of-budget production times over-worked and under-paid developers. Squared.


Stellar article my friend, I like your style.


Thanks for reading!

I'm definitely going with option 3. My guess is Vaan's character got a significant rework after Matsuno stepped down. I assume Square told him, no, we can't do this with our main playable character in our flagship title. After all, look what a disaster FFVII was and how much people still hate the tortured Cloud... Oh, wait...