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Good day steemians, its a cold Saturday morning here in kwara state of Nigeria. Using this medium to say thank you to my ever dynamic audience that has always voted my game post, well today won't be an exception as we will be doing another game review.

The game is titled:

Golden Eye 007


So sit back and enjoy, but before then, let's quickly do a preview or rather recap of yesterdays game review titled Gran Turismo 3

The objective of the game is to win all of the offered races, championships, complete license exams and attain 100% recreation completion.
Each 25% of the sport completed outcome within the player being awarded a car as a distinct prize. For GT3, the Gran Turismo Mode has a reorganized layout, with a extra structured and revolutionary arrangement of races and challenges. Races differ from short beginner hobbies to multi-hour endurance races and also rallying activities in opposition to an opponent.

Moreover, the car retail outlets are now geared up by using nation after which by way of manufacturer, which some to find to be extra intuitive than the East/West metropolis method used in its predecessor. The Arcade Mode is reorganized in "phases"; these stages are made of 5 or 6 tracks pooled from all to be had tracks within the sport, including both avenue and rally races. To get to the next stage, all tracks on a stage have to be completed on effortless situation or larger. Through beating the stage on traditional or tricky, additional automobiles are unlocked as good for play in any mode of Arcade Mode.

The Aston Martin Vanquish was once some of the new cars within the game. The builders collaborated with pc and recreation peripheral maker Logitech for the sport, which resulted within the GT drive steering wheel. The wheel facets force feedback and used to be designed above all for GT3. A demo replica of the sport underneath the working title was issued within the pspageant 2000, permitting gamers to drive a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V within the Seattle Circuit for a hundred and twenty seconds.

The sport used to be roughly a beta variant of GT3 named Gran Turismo 2000, that used to be renamed to GT3 A-Spec on account that the sport was once taking longer to make than planned. Compared to Gran Turismo 2, the portraits are widely accelerated thanks to the ps2 hardware process but the quantity of automobiles has been greatly diminished in this recreation because of huge work onto pictures, cars structure, exact records of all of the cars and the game's liberate being early in the playstation 2's lifespan. About one hundred eighty cars are featured in this sport, rather than 650 in GT2.

GoldenEye 007 was developed over a period of two and a half of years with the aid of an inexperienced crew. It was once firstly conceived as an on-rails shooter influenced by way of Sega's Virtua Cop, before being redesigned as a free-roaming shooter.


The game used to be incredibly acclaimed with the aid of the gaming media and offered over eight million copies worldwide, making it the third-first-class-selling Nintendo 64 recreation. It got the BAFTA Interactive leisure games Award and four awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Retrospectively, GoldenEye 007 is viewed an main recreation within the historical past of first-individual shooters for demonstrating the viability of game consoles as structures for the genre, and for signalling a transition from the then-average Doom-like strategy to a extra practical variety.

It pioneered aspects comparable to atmospheric single-participant missions, stealth elements, and a console multiplayer deathmatch mode. The sport is quite often stated as some of the greatest video video games of all time. A religious successor, best dark, was once launched in 2000, while a reimagining of the game, additionally titled GoldenEye 007, used to be launched in 2010.


A bunker with a flooring filled with tiles, a big reveal displaying an international map in a wall, and displays in the ceiling. A hand conserving a gun is visible on the backside right nook. Around the snapshot are graphic symbols representing wellbeing, ammo, and armour of the participant.

Bond protecting the silenced PP7 in the Bunker degree. The pink and blue bars symbolize the player's well being and armour stages respectively. Ammunition know-how is displayed at the backside proper corner. If the armour and well being are absolutely depleted, Bond will die with blood dripping down the screen.
GoldenEye 007 is a first-character shooter that elements both single and multiplayer modes.


In the single-player mode, the player takes the function of James Bond via a series of free-roaming 3D stages. Every degree requires the player to complete a exact set of objectives reminiscent of collecting or destroying targeted gadgets, rescuing hostages, or meeting with pleasant non-participant characters after which exit the stage.

Some objects from the James Bond movie series are featured in the game and are often used to complete specific mission pursuits; for instance, in one stage the electromagnetic watch from reside and Let Die is used to accumulate a detention center cell key.

The arsenal of weapons involves pistols, submachine weapons, assault rifles, grenades, and throwing knives, among others. weapons have a finite magazine and have got to be reloaded after a designated number of shots, however the participant may gather and elevate as many weapons as can also be observed in each mission.

The player's preliminary weapon in most missions is James Bond's Walther PPK, called the PP7 exact issue in-recreation. Many of the recreation's firearms are modelled on actual-lifestyles counterparts even as others are established on fictitious devices featured in the Bond films, such because the Golden Gun and Moonraker laser.

The weapons range in traits such as expense of fire, measure of penetration, and type of ammunition used, and inflict one-of-a-kind phases of injury relying on which body phase they hit.


Stealth is a large element of the gameplay; ordinary gunfire can alert far-off guards, and activated alarms can set off infinitely-respawning enemies. For this reason, to hinder gunfights with numerous opponents, it's nice to get rid of infantrymen and protection cameras before they spot or hear the player.

Designated weapons incorporate suppressor or telescopic sight attachments to support the player in killing enemies discreetly. There are no health-restoration gadgets within the sport, although armour vests can be obtained to provide a secondary wellbeing bar.

4 store files are to be had to monitor the player's growth through the game's twenty missions, every of which may be performed on "Agent", "undercover agent", or "00-Agent" challenge settings. better difficulties broaden the project by means of altering causes such because the harm enemies can stand up to and inflict, the amount of ammunition to be had, and the number of objectives that have to be completed.

as soon as a mission is completed, the participant may just both continue progressing by way of the story or decide on to replay a previously accomplished stage. Finishing distinct missions within particular target occasions allows the participant to unlock bonus cheat choices which make quite a lot of changes to the gameplay.

Upon entirely finishing the game on the toughest quandary setting, one other "007" mode is unlocked that allows for the player to customise the undertaking of any mission with the aid of manually adjusting enemies' health, response occasions, aiming accuracy, and the injury they inflict.

The multiplayer mode allows two, three, or four players to compete towards each different in 5 exceptional varieties of break up display deathmatch games: usual, You best live Twice, The dwelling Daylights, the person With the Golden Gun, and Licence to Kill.

Normal is a general deathmatch mode in which the essential purpose is to kill opponents as regularly as feasible. It may be played as a free-for-all game or in groups. In You simplest live Twice, gamers simplest have two lives earlier than they're eradicated from the game, and Licence to Kill is a mode wherein gamers die from a single hit with any weapon.


Within the Man With the Golden Gun, a single Golden Gun, which is able of killing opponents with only one shot, is placed in a constant location on the map; once the Golden Gun is picked up, the only way to re-accumulate it is to kill the player holding it. The player with the Golden Gun is unable to decide on up body armour whilst opponents can.

in the living Daylights, a "flag" is placed in a constant area on the map, and the participant who holds it the longest wins.

The flag-carrier are not able to use weapons however can nonetheless gather them to preserve opponents from stocking ammunition. facets of every gametype can be customised, together with the chosen map, classification of weapons, and profitable situation. As players development by means of the only participant mode, new maps and characters are unlocked in the multiplayer mode.

GoldenEye 007 begins in Arkhangelsk in the Soviet Union in 1986, where MI6 has uncovered a secret chemical weapons facility at the Byelomorye Dam. James Bond and fellow 00-agent Alec Trevelyan are sent to infiltrate the facility and plant explosive costs.

In the course of the mission, Trevelyan is it sounds as if killed by way of Colonel Arkady Ourumov, at the same time Bond escapes by using commandeering an aeroplane.

GBond is shipped to examine a satellite tv for pc control station in Severnaya, Russia, where programmers Natalya Simonova and Boris Grishenko work.

Two years after the Severnaya mission, Bond investigates an unscheduled scan firing of a missile in Kyrgyzstan, believed to be a canopy for the launch of a satellite tv for pc often called GoldenEye.


This house-centered weapon works by way of firing a targeted electromagnetic pulse at any Earth target to disable any electrical circuit within variety. As Bond leaves the silo, he is ambushed by way of Ourumov and a squad of Russian troops. Ourumov manages to flee for the period of the come upon.

The remainder of the game takes position in 1995. Bond visits Monte Carlo to examine the frigate La Fayette, the place he rescues a few hostages and vegetation a tracker bug on the Eurocopter Tiger helicopter before it is stolen with the aid of the Janus crime syndicate.

Bond is then despatched a 2d time to Severnaya, however for the duration of the mission he's captured and locked up within the bunker's cells together with Natalya Simonova, who has been betrayed to Janus. The 2 get away the difficult seconds before it is destroyed, on the orders of Ourumov, with the aid of the GoldenEye satellite's EMP.

Bond next travels to Saint Petersburg, the place he arranges with ex-KGB agent Valentin Zukovsky to fulfill the manager of the Janus service provider. this is printed to be Alec Trevelyan his execution by Ourumov within the Arkhangelsk facility was faked.

Bond and Natalya break out from Trevelyan, however are arrested by means of the Russian police and brought to the military archives for interrogation. Bond finally manages to escape the interrogation room, rescue Natalya, and communicate with Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin, who has validated Bond's claim of Ourumov's treachery.

Natalya is recaptured with the aid of normal Ourumov, and Bond gives chase by way of the streets of St. Petersburg, ultimately accomplishing an fingers depot utilized by Janus. There, Bond destroys its weaponry shops after which hitches a ride on Trevelyan's ex-Soviet missile teach, the place he kills Ourumov and rescues Natalya. Nevertheless, Alec Trevelyan and his ally Xenia Onatopp get away to their secret base in Cuba.


Natalya accompanies Bond to the Caribbean. Surveying the Cuban jungle aerially, their light aircraft is shot down. Unscathed, Bond and Natalya participate in a floor search of the field's heavily guarded jungle terrain, but are ambushed by using Xenia, who's swiftly killed by using Bond. Bond sneaks Natalya into the manage centre to disrupt transmissions to the GoldenEye satellite tv for pc and drive it to fritter away in the Earth's atmosphere.

He then follows the fleeing Trevelyan through a series of flooded caverns, finally arriving on the antenna of the control centre's radio telescope. Trevelyan makes an attempt to re-align it in a final attempt to fix contact with the GoldenEye, however Bond ultimately destroys machinery relevant to controlling the antenna and defeats Trevelyan in a gunfight on a platform above the dish.

GoldenEye 007 was once developed via an inexperienced team; eight of its ten builders had certainly not previously labored on video video games.

As programmer David Doak remembers, "watching back, there are matters i'd be cautious of making an attempt now, but as not one of the individuals working on the code, pictures, and recreation design had labored on a recreation earlier than, there was this joyful because of the success of Donkey Kong nation, GoldenEye 007 was once at the start instructed as a 2nd part-scrolling platformer for the super Nintendo leisure system, but Martin Hollis, the director and producer of the game, proposed "a 3D shooting recreation" for Nintendo's in-development "ultra sixty four" console.

The intention for the primary few months of progress was once for the game to be an on-rails shooter just like Sega's gentle gun recreation Virtua Cop; GoldenEye's gasoline plant region used to be modelled via Karl Hilton with a predetermined direction in intellect.

despite the fact that GoldenEye is managed with a pad rather than a gentle gun, Hollis credited Virtua Cop as an influence on the builders' adoption of features akin to gun reloading, role-stylish hit reaction animations, penalties for killing innocent characters, and an substitute aiming process that's activated upon urgent the R button of the Nintendo 64 controller.


The progress workforce visited the studios of the GoldenEye film to acquire pix and blueprints of the units used in the movie.

Silicon photographs Onyx workstations and Nintendo's NINGEN progress software had been used to create the geometry for digital environments headquartered on this reference material.

nonetheless, a few of the missions were multiplied or modified to permit the participant to participate in sequences which the movie's James Bond didn't. Hilton defined, "We tried to stick to , for authenticity however we weren't petrified of adding to it to help the game design. It used to be very organic."

firstly, the designers' precedence was once simply on the construction of interesting areas; stage design and balance issues comparable to the placement of and exit points, characters and objectives didn't begin unless this method was once entire.[24] according to Martin Hollis, "The benefit of this sloppy unplanned process was once that among the phases in the sport have a realistic and non-linear feel.

There are rooms without a direct relevance to the extent. There are multiple routes across the level." Hollis additionally famous that the concept of a couple of varied ambitions inside every mission was inspired by using the a couple of tasks in each stage of tremendous Mario sixty four, a sport whose 3D collision detection process used to be additionally influential for Hollis.

ultimate Nintendo 64 requisites and development workstations were not originally available to infrequent: a modified Sega Saturn controller used to be used for some early playtesting, and the builders had to estimate what the finalised console's capabilities can be. The final Nintendo 64 hardware might render polygons faster than the SGI Onyx workstations that they had been using, but the sport's textures had to be minimize by half.

Karl Hilton explained one system of making improvements to the sport's efficiency: "quite a few GoldenEye is in black and white. RGB colour textures cost much more in terms of processing vigor. You would do double the resolution if you happen to used greyscale, so rather a lot used to be completed like that. If I needed a bit of color, i'd add it within the vertex."

At one time, developers deliberate to put in force the reloading of the weapons with the aid of the participant unplugging and re-inserting the Rumble Pak on the Nintendo 64 controller, though this thought was once discarded at Nintendo's behest.

GoldenEye 007 presented stealth factors no longer visible in earlier first-individual shooter video games. Doak defined how this used to be applied: "whenever you fired a gun, it had a radius test and alerted the non-participant characters within that radius. For those who fired the same gun once more inside a special amount of time, it did a higher radius experiment and that i believe there used to be a 3rd even bigger radius after that.

It meant if you happen to found one guy and shot him in the head after which failed to fire again, the timer would reset". windows for the period of the sport were programmed in order that enemies cannot see via them at the same time the player can. Though decidedly unrealistic, this was once an intentional characteristic made to inspire the player to use windows to covertly secret agent on enemies.

the game's multiplayer mode used to be delivered late within the progress process; Martin Hollis described it as "a whole afterthought".

In line with David Doak, nearly all of the work on the multiplayer mode was once performed by way of Steve Ellis, who "sat in a room with all of the code written for a single-player recreation and grew to become GoldenEye into a multiplayer sport."

as a substitute than looking to free up the game in tandem with the movie, rare founders Tim and Chris Stamper made definite to offer the developers as so much time as they wanted to finish the sport.


GoldenEye 007 was once developed via two and a half of years, the primary yr of which used to be spent developing the engine and producing art belongings. the game was launched on a 96 Mb cartridge, just about two years after the movie. moreover, each cartridge of the game contains a fully sensible ZX Spectrum emulator with ten rare developed games.

This operate used to be firstly made as an experimental part venture through rare staff and was once deactivated in the final build of the sport, but has on account that been unlocked via fan-made patches.


Graphics 9/10
Sound 8.5/10
Gameplay 9.5/10
Controls 9/10
Effect 9/10

Overall Review 9/10


Game size –------------------ 85.69+1GB file

Last update------------------ 11 January 2017

Current version ------------ ******

Number of downloads --- over 2Million

Supported device --------- PC

Developer –----------------- Ubisoft

Category -------------------- Action and Adventure






















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my favourite James Bond game . The story is exactly like the movie not an easy game play . When i played this game in my childhood i was felt like being in the movie . I must find a way to play it again. Thanks ambmicheal for bringing to me these memories. Nowadays games are not that magic and i don't like how complicated they make them , so much buttons......

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