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So I was just trying to make a quick video about how to make some quick cash and boost your archery skill in KCD, both being relatively difficult things to do in an already challenging game. When, all of a sudden, a bandit crests a shallow hill in front of me; charging towards me with his bludgeon raised over his head!

Lucky for me, my bow was already in hand; allowing me to promptly send an arrow into the bandit's left lung. He managed a few pitiful swings of his club, but I dispatched him in short order and was back on my way to the hunting grounds.

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Having just dealt with a bandit, I was mildly surprised to come across another. This one appeared slightly more formidable than the last. Though he was dressed in a simple way, the club he carried was spiked in a rather menacing manner.
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As the first bandit had been kind enough to get me warmed up, the second didn't stand much of a chance. I did the deadly dance for a minute and drove my sword home; finishing him with a swift cut to the throat!

Desktop Screenshot 2018.03.05 -


Video to be posted

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