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We are on another game review, Marvel Future Fight


MARVEL Future Fight is a 3D action game where you play some of the most powerful (and beautiful) characters from the Marvel universe.

You will be introduced to Nick Fury, who came from the future to collectively summon all the superheroes and wicked people of the world to save the multiverse from the total collapse.


In MARVEL Future Fight you can control more than 20 different characters. At first, you can only use

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Black Widow

but eventually you will unlock

*Galaxy Guardians

  • Kingpin
  • Venus
  • Thanos and other avengers, among many others.

The combat system in MARVEL Future Fight works perfectly. Use the virtual joystick to control your character on the left, and use the right button to make special attacks.

Thor can use lightning, Black Widow's weapon, Captain America's shield ... each superhero has four unique unique powers.

Mission to MARVEL The future of combat is usually very short (often not more than five minutes) so you can play whenever you want. There is also a PvP way to measure strength against other online players.

MARVEL Future Fight is a remarkable action game with absolutely spectacular visual and production values ​​of a decent console. A highly recommended title that will particularly appeal to Marvel fans and comics.

It is unnecessary to say that I had my shields when embarking on Marvel Future Fight, the latest game of free play set in the Marvelous Universe, making it about a millionth of this title. When I found myself, I enjoyed the game.


For starters, it should be very clear that the Future War is 100% free of charge, as far as the structure is concerned.

There is a wide variety of games in the game needed to upgrade your army of Marvel characters, one of which (Gems) will cost real money.

These gems can then be used to buy pretty much everything else in the game in decent quantities, or you can simply play the game and earn all these aids as you go.

In other words, you do not have to spend one cent for Netmarble's latest game, and Future Fighting does not really require you to do this, but round out a couple of couples, which will surely take you to the Daredevil faster.

Gameplay is also limited by traditional energy bars that all seem so in love with time.

But then, Abandoning the mission will cost you energy. Use all your energy and you're done for that day. Of course, you can buy more energy in the game store.

Then again, the energy bar is quite generous with its assignment, which means that you are drinking enough juice to be in several missions before you need to replenish so you should not feel too limited here

As for the story, it seems that a group of villains is trying to destroy the multiverse, which means that every Marvel hero and crime has a role in the outcome of this epic war.

Nick Fury sent the robot help, Jocasta, back in time to help, directing his team to new missions while trying to figure out exactly what is going on.


Your army begins humble, praising the Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America. By the time I finished with the tutorial, Hawkeye was added to the mix.

In the end you will be able to unlock nearly 40 characters from the Marvel universe, including people like Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Venom, Ultron (of course), Electra, Loki, and members of the Galaxy Guard. It's a versatile list, obviously boasting of expansion space with future updates.

You will unlock these characters by collecting biometrics, which can be collected by regular gaming or by purchasing a box with randomly generated awards.

Basically, gather enough biometrics for a certain character and you can unlock them. Collect even more and you can do them much more.
This advancement of the RPG is actually going pretty deep in the future, each of which can be upgradable in many areas.

You can increase their equipment or basic statistics, as well as equip jewels that will provide an additional blow to their abilities. You can also master new abilities, allowing you to create a version, say, Iron Fist, which is completely different from the Iron Fist that your friend has.

Achieving these will take time and a lot of grinding or, hold your surprise, you can spend money to buy materials packs that process speed together.

So far, Marvel Future Fight sounds like a couple for the course, right? So what distinguishes it from the package and makes it earn my personal seal of approval?

This answer is simple: it has real gameplay.


More than that, it's been said fun playing, which wants to pick up the Future Fight and play regularly for enjoyment, not the unpleasant, contagious

need to get involved in my games for the day because feeling these types of games usually leave me.

In your heart, Future Fight is a direct quarrel. I would call it a prison robotic, but the level is not complex enough to guarantee a comparison.

Imagine a light version of Diabla or the fantastic Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and you've gone the right way.

You can use touch controls or the virtual navigation key to do the job. Actually, I preferred joystick controls, another thing that caught me in this game. Traditionally I do not like setting up a mobile "converting controller", but here it is super good.

The attack button and the ability of your character are located in the lower right corner and the left toe.


The great thing about this nice stick is to move to a place where your thumb fits your glass, and not to stay stationary so you will never find yourself throwing your eyes to find that your thumb is always removed from the stick, leaving your character immobile to the most unfavorable moment.

The remaining members of your three sides are shown on the icons on the left side of the screen, and the quick touch will turn them off.

Doing this in a clever sequence can actually lead to some pretty big combo. Land some solid van and one of your teammates will randomly pop it out to give off a super attack.

You will also eventually unlock the team's ability as well as the attacker's companion (withdrawn from a friend's list or rando's team leader) that can be invoked for a short period of co-op fisticuffs.

Animation and Music

The animations are great and the abilities are quite varied, and when the levels begin to involve difficulties, finding a true blend of characters with the right blend of challenging ability becomes half the fun.

Together with solid music, Future Fighting also looks very nice for a mobile game, with lots of detail on level and stunning animations.

All this is done to create a very sturdy hanger, allowing you to run by levels hitting a stack of lizards, avoiding an occasional trap or knocking untraceable objects to grab extra prey.

The story is also far more interesting than the mobile game it has the right to offer, written by Marvel veteran Peter David and who wore you through nine main stories filled with a multitude of missions.

It takes a long time for you to spend the whole campaign, but at the end of the road, you are expecting many additional challenges.


With regular missions, you can also download a version of each chapter that has had difficulty moving.

There is also a Dimension Rift mission to unlock and research, a villain siege mission, a contestant of three in three battles and more.

In other words, there is a lot of meat on these bones to get you back for more, as well as a solid gameplay that really wants to do just that. I still do not like the limitations of the free play model, but Marvel Future Fight does not make anything offensive in setting up so I can not be too complacent.

As for mobile games, this is definitely worth the time and attention.
Marvel: Future Combat is based on the preview code that is pre-loaded in the currency of the game.

And yes, i actually chose to use that little to gain a more realistic sense of the "average" gaming experience.

Thanks for your time, see you some other time.




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