Is Cash Cabin Casino a Vijay Malllya Project?

in games •  16 days ago

Today, I was supposed to write on some other topic. But since my attention was urgently drawn towards this online casino advertisement doing rounds on social media; I'm briefly writing my opinion to warn against falling to such advertisements.

I was linked to an interesting article that spins out an incredible story about the "flashy" business tycoon of Kingfisher fame Mr. Vijay Mallya. He is currently facing charges of money laundering and loan default from several Indian banks and is hiding in U.K. Last month, India won a case for his extradition under India-UK Extradition Treaty.

Cash Cabin.png

Now its interesting to see how this news is being cooked and twisted to take some business advantage. The article claims that "Vijay Mallya made a bold, but risky technology investment in order to save himself from extradition from the UK to India" and started an online casino business. But unfortunately this business didn't turn out as expected. Now in a last-ditch effort to attract players to get his money back, his online casino is offering a large incentives to new players, in the form of sign up bonus, adjusted odds, higher payouts and free bonuses.

And as usual, this offer is open to only first few sign ups that ends on 8th March.

Now let me tell you that Cash Cabin casino is not some new casino venture out there. In fact, it was formerly called Bingo Casino . It officially changed its name to Cash Cabin in March, 2018.

This is built on popular Leap Frog gaming platform. It has several interesting slot games, multiplayer games, scratch cards and casino games for players. This online casino is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao.

Curacao licensing is a very respectable license in the betting industry. Among the dozens of betting games on EOS blockchain, it's only EOS Bet that could get this license so far. So the Cash Cabin casino does seem legit.

But I can't see any association of the promoter of this game with Vijay Mallya. The advertising used to promote this casino seems highly unethical. In past too, names of some other rich persons like Bally Singh etc. were used to promote this casino.

It's true that Vijay Mallya was looking to open a casino in Goa in India but that was in 2016. So the advertised articles are just trying to mix up all things to their advantage. Personally, I don't find such advertising any good and I try to stay away from the products or services advertised in this manner.

However, I don't know much about this casino and can't recommend it to anyone. But the way it is being advertised makes it look like a scam for sure. If you want to have a look, probably this link will take you to one of these landing pages.

So please do not jump on to that offer and take some time out to do your own research. Read all the fine prints about the freebies on offer and then take your own decision.

But I wonder, why would you like to go to any other casino when there are so many casino on blockchain these days?

Anyway, whatever you choose to do, always have a great time!
Cheers! 😊

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