Doctor Mario World Mobile Game Work in Progress

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Nintendo seems to be continuing their relationship with various mobile partners in an effort to expand the Nintendo brand to mobile gamers. Early on we saw Mario Run and that was a pretty good success, we also saw Fire Emblem Heroes hit mobile platforms which used a more ‘freemium’ style of earnings model. Apparently we will see Nintendo return to Mario for their latest mobile game, Dr Mario World for which they are partnering with LINE Corporation.


LINE, for those that don’t already know, is a mobile messenger app that is quite popular around the world. They also have expanded out into games where they have a handful of puzzle and pet raising apps for users to enjoy.

The recent news is that Nintendo will be bringing Dr. Mario to mobile platforms with the help of LINE Corporation under the name Dr. Mario World. Will we see LINE characters inserted such as replacing the various virus creatures? Will this be a straight purchase after a few levels demo?

While I don’t think we will see LINE characters making an appearance, I do believe Nintendo will go with a single purchase after free demo, like they did with Mario Run. After all, that is the mobile business model they prefer according to an interview by Asia.Nikkei with Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima.

Right now Dr. Mario World for mobile is planned to see an early summer 2019 release. That means pics and early videos should be surfacing sooner than later.

If Mario Run and the other Nintendo mobile properties are anything to go by, fans of the Dr. Mario style game will have plenty to enjoy.

Dr. Mario World by Nintendo
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Puzzle
In-App Purchases: Yes, probably one time like Mario Run
Rated: Unknown, possibly E for Everyone considering nature of the game
Available early Summer 2019 for Android devices and iPhone

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