Flynn & Freckles Launches on Steam

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Some would say 3D action adventures like Flynn & Freckles are not “retro” enough to be covered. While on one hand, I agree, on the other, I feel this genre is subjective - a moving target so to speak. There has to be something more to the game than just the engine that powers it to get me to write it up. Flynn & Freckles have that “something” that makes me think other retro gaming fans would like it. Besides, we don’t get enough pirate games. With that said, here we are.


Flynn is a young pirate that is after the greatest treasure ever - Captain Freckles’ Sword. If years of gaming, and the Goonies movie, have taught us nothing else, we did learn that this type of quest is never as easy as it sounds. Flynn & Freckles is no different. Flynn will travel to the island where the sword was last known to rest and hopefully return alive. Probably not.

The first thing you will notice about Flynn & Freckles is the art style, which hearkens back to the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Graphically, we are talking some really detailed, yet still cartoony, environments that give Flynn and Freckles a unique look today. I really like this art style and am thrilled that 3D engines have progressed enough technically to make these games visually impressive.

Flynn & Freckles pulls some inspiration from another pirate game, the Monkey Island franchise. That mainly means humorous instances throughout. Don’t expect Mortal Kombat in a pirate universe with Flynn & Freckles as you are getting something closer to The Simspons in a pirate world so to speak - cartoony but somewhat mature in nature without alienating most potential fans with blood and gore.

Flynn & Freckles by Rookie Hero Games
Platform: Steam (Windows), PlayStation 4
Genre: 3D action adventure
Available now on Steam

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