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Sekiro is a Souls game lacking the deep story with the difficulty turned up to 90% quit level. While normal souls games are set at 80%, its the legendary story selling and attention to every single detail that makes it worth the grueling self punishment it puts you threw. From(soft) the placement of every item, location of gear, the weapons held by statues, to the description and name of every ring everything has a reason of why or how it came to be. Sekiro on the other hand seems to have a generic Edo era bloodline story that has already been told. Although the death blow to a insanely difficult boss still gives me a shot of dopamine and gets the heart pumping i often wonder who the fuck is this guy? If he i so beast why haven't they gone into his story or build up his status before I reach him threw the typical Souls story telling of piecing it together? The alternative is me rolling my eyes after the 3 plus heath bar appears thinking why not make one long health bar. Sekiro seems to be out there not for the hard core Souls fan but instead for the ”I can beat that bro” type gamer. WIth all this said I still am enjoying playing threw Sekiro and would rather play this everyday for the rest of my life than be forced to play another normie-ass battle royal heap of rubbish.
-Praise the sun and your support lolsekiro.jpg

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