World of Warcraft game community for the new Shadowlands expansion!!

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Hello Steemians and friends, aloud me to introduce you all to a community i created earlier this year for the World of Warcraft.


The point of this community is to share all type of information, videos, pictures, stories, achievements or anything regard the World of Warcraft.

To create out very own place here on the Steemit network, but also to invite Warcraft players to join the Steemit network as well, because on this moment everyone is doing it with sites like or are using Twitch or other centralized social media networks, then they might as well join Steemit right?

Now if you are not a World of Warcraft player, then you might think WTH is that game btw?? Or sometimes you heard something of that game, but you had never seen it..... then say no more and ill explain in a nutshell what this game is all about.

For start the World of Warcraft is a MMORP, which means a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, with subscription!! Oo wait you have to pay?? ....... nah forget it, i don't pay for a game!! End of story..... This is the logic what is used by many people who refuse to look further into the game, because it has a subscription. And on the same time the same people are wasting money for garbage, what they think they do need in life. Like fast food, smokes, drinks, or any other consumption's, or new clothes, cars etc or throw away money into nothing.....

But to pay 12 dollars every month for a game, were you can meet all type of new people, enjoy the time you have once a while by logging into the world when you for many people simply a bridge to far. So basically because of the subscription many refuse to even look at the game, but i can tell you up front that there are many ways to even earn from the game, while you enjoy the game, without wasting any money.

So this is another feature what can be shared in the community, ways about how to earn gold in Warcraft and sell that gold to pay your subscription...... yes sky is the limit. But anyway if you want to know what this game is all about then check out the video below here.

The biggest feature what i personally think of Warcraft is the story line, and if you love huge stories then this is the place to be. The Lord of the Rings, Vikings, Greeks and Egyptian gods are all in some way placed in the story, together with a story line into the heavens and hell.

Yeah its crazy, there is a new expansion since two weeks and that latterly bring the player into the heavens, and show about reincarnations, punishments into hell and many more. But to give you a better idea, here is a video with cinematic of the latest Shadowlands expansion.

I suggest grabbing a coffee or tea and enjoy the show.

Now don't get me wrong please, am not saying that you should join, i only say don't let your judgment about the game be influenced by the subscription or by other opinions, just take a look for yourself and if you dont like it, then at least that was your choice.

There is also a option to play it for free till level 10 if am correct, to give you a better idea about the game. With this link you can download the original game for free, and if you don't like it then you remove it.

But for now this post was to welcome anyone into the community, who plays Warcraft and wants to share what ever they want. Another thing what might be good is to invite your guild into the community..... this is just a thought.

So for now i hope my message is clear and that i will see you all in our community!!


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