Brace yourselves for Slotto round3!

in games •  4 months ago


Quick note: Steemconnect is not working today. I hope they fix their shit quickly.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback. I think I'll have the updates ready for round 3 in a few days.

Because round 2 is still going on, we'll have to wait for the winner to come up. I plan to speed up the process so that we can move on.

As usual, I will make a video to highlight the winner. Good luck to everyone that participated in round 2!

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We will wait for the results of round 2. Greetings friend @roundbeargames 😉


yes i've sped up the process today and i'm waiting for a winner too! :)
then i'll halt the process to apply the updates and we'll have round 3 in a few days.

yeah i was trying. its not working .. . lets see round 3 .... and round 2 results ..


give me a few days and you'll have your round2 winner and round3 with the updates! 👍


Es increible @roundbeargames ya es el 3 round y las que faltan por venir más de Slotto, qué es la nueva sensación dentro de Steemit


thanks i'm just saying round 3 might be coming soon :)
and it'll have some new updates that i planned.
have a good day amigo

Good morning and good week... I hope too they fix it quickly... :)


good morning nick!
looks like it's working again :)

Buenos días excelente trabajo amigo saludos


good morning :)
maybe participate in round 3?

It seems like this slotto game is even more exciting

Enjoy this game @roundbeargames

Good luck for you


thank you. i guess i'll continue to improve it. and have fun :)

Ahh man thank you @roundbeargames I was really wondering what the heck was going on with Steemconnect now I know and I am not worried.


yea it wasn't working for awhile. now it's back to normal :)

buen dia amigo,que bueno ya es es tercer round de lotto,esperando todos los que faltan por venir,saludos y feliz inicio de semana


greetings to you too amigo.
round 2 is still going on. we'll see what happens for the next couple of days and then move on to 3 😎

Too bad I could not participate in the second round. I hope to participate in the next one. good luck friend.


the 2nd round ain't over yet my friend! :)
i'm just saying it's going to end soon.
but anyways there'll always be a next one!

Yeaah... steemconect broken today thats take effects for my steemit activities. And until now still not good connection for the web. Thank you for always supporting me

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usually steemconnect works beautifully but i dunno what the hell happend on that day. it's fine now :)
thanks for being here


Some people's said that because steemit have upgraded HF20
But I am not sure... Thanks for your feedback

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Excellent, surely more than one will be anxious to know who is the winner 😂


yes i'm anxious too! winner will be out either by today or tomorrow :)

I could play it and it's amazing


yes i see your tickets, and good luck!
winner for round 2 will be announced soon :)

long round, thank you for your hard work @roundbeargames 👍😊


it's actually a short round :)
slotto is meant to be a long term game. i'm planning to make a quicker paced on in the future.
thanks 👍

hopefully the problem can be fixed immediately so that the game in the 3rd round we play immediately


yes, steemconnect is working as usual. round 2 is still going on right now.
round 3 will begin after some testing so that one might take a few days

lo he intentado amigo jugar pero esta mierda de Internet no me deja, igual lo seguiré intentando je je quiero ganar


don't worry this little game will continue 24/7 :)
you can play whenever you're ready.
hopefully internet in venezuela will be better soon.

how do you accelerate the process of the second round, do you make every half hour generate numbers to see if the winner comes out or how often does it generate?


yes, i can speed up the intervals between each random sets.
by default it was 60 mins. now i've set it to 2 mins to speed it up.
round 3 will have a different format where we'll have draws at a fixed date every week + small bonuses.



yes you're right. everything has its time! :)

Well, I think it's back to normal and it's working :) I already have my new ticket! Have a nice day and good luck to everyone


thanks for playing and i wish you luck! 👍
you'll have a round 2 winner real soon. and then off we go with round 3!

These is great. Everyone wins.


well not everyone will win. but starting from round 3 they get bigger chances to win bonuses :)
as well as a consistent, fixed date to look forward to.


I will enter one of these days. I'm still busy. I'm headed to Korea in about a week. Too short.


yea man enjoy your vacation! 😎

I hope I can follow the 3rd round


2nd round is still on. it's probably gonna end either today or tomorrow :)
3rd round will start in a few days with new updates

Your games are good. But I think so There are some errors in your game. Hopefully you fix the error. And give us a good gift game. I regularly attend your games. Thank you friend :-)


thanks :) lemme know what the errors are, they'll be fixed



thanks i'm still thinking of different variations :)

Buenas noche amigo saludos desde Venezuela. Gracias por su apoyo

@roundbeargames, Yes, we are waiting for the next round and just checked it, it's showing as coming soon.

And good to see that this game gave out effective amount to another user and that's really awesome for sure.

Keep up this update posts and you are putting lot of efforts on this.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Bersabar sebentar😉