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What games do Steemers play? I generally stick to PC games but I'll bust out my old copy of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo when I have a willing victim err friend to play against.

On PC I'm playing Rocket League, Insurgency, Natural Selection 2, and some GTA V once in a while. I tend to like multiplayer games a little better because of the competition and the unpredictability of people you're playing with/ against.

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Guild Wars 2 - I love the cooperative aspects, and adventure (or just hang out) with friends that I don't get to see IRL as much as I would like. The visuals are beautiful in many parts of the Tyria, and the sound track is great, too. Plus I can fly!

XBox 1 : Any sports game.
PS3 : MLB The Show 16 (only reason I own a PS).
PC : WWII / Space 4X strategy games, XCom series, Project Zomboid


Alpha Centauri is easily one of my favorite games ever!

If you're cool with old school spacey games, and you don't mind that it's a slow-paced real time strategy, check out Fragile Allegiance. It's an old game but it was put on Steam for $5.

Falcon 4.0 BMS 3.3 :-)


but some will refuse to call it a 'game'
need to read the (fat)manual before anyone can fire a missile successfully and hit the target

Currently enjoying a bunch on Telltale games.

Overwatch, Overwatch, Overwatch! :)

I don't own any console. I play games mostly on my phone and my laptop. Fifa Football games on PC old games and Clash of Clans and Dream League Soccer 16 on phone these days.