A quick comparison of games then and now

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Hello guys! How are you? I am hopeful you will be enjoying your life very well.

Today I am comparing the games played in previous century vs in the modern age. There are some advantages and good things as well as some disadvantages too. In ancient period of time people used to perform physical fitness games. Like boys used to play *cricket, football, badminton, hand ball etc. They were healthy and fit due to these games.


But in our modern age children and also youngsters are playing the games on tablets and smartphone like Candy Crush, Pit bull, Ludo Star and Bubble Shooter to name a few. These games are not healthy for us specially our children.



These games are also a big cause of laziness and weakness of eye sight. Continuously sitting at a same place for hours, is also a cause of unhealthy and unfit body. Online gaming is one of the fastest trend in today's generation. Most of the people waste their time on it. Some crazy people, take it very seriously, they don't waste just their time they also waste their money. Some months ago a new game Blue wheel was introduced. Many people say it is cause of death. Its very famous on social media but no one know its reality or fake news. We should avoid this type of games and also promote the healthy and physically fit games.

The first image is taken from my own cellphone others are from pixabay.

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You are right, if you don't participate in games which requires a physical involvement, it is of no advantage. Keep posting good content. :)