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The childhood is the most existing time. Because in that time, we weren't know about loves, household duties, and we can know about the problem in life.We just only know abou playing and playing.


When we are childs, we were most like to playing. Do you remember what's game that you often played in the past? Now, I will tell a lot about the game in the past. Let's rewind to our childhood.

  1. Play marbles
  2. Playing engklek
  3. Playing hide and seek
  4. Playing monopoli
  5. Playing ular tangga
  6. Playing ludo
  7. Playing jump rope
  8. Playing paper barbie
  9. Playing kites
  10. Palying congklak
  11. Playing do mi ka do




From all the games above, which one the game that you like to played in the past? According me, I like to play paper barbie, hide and seek and jump rope.What about you? But not only the game above tell that was in the past. There was many games in the past that I mentined one by one.

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