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Are you looking for new collection of free online games to play? Here on our website we offer you all the new free online games every day. Let’s check out now!

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1, Aspiring Artist

Do you want to become an artist in the real magic world? If”yes,” come to Aspiring Artist game. This is one of the best new online games to play free. This new game helps you release the pressure in the working day and extract the mental into the colorful and incredible world. You have the chance to describe yourself personality to everyone such as other gamers. Each color regarding the hidden meaningful content, so let’s understand clearly about this information. Designed under the puzzle of new online games. Into the game, there are many clues that you and know more about the game rules. There is a painting that you have to complete by using the dyes besides and all pixels on painting.

When the bar fills up, it generates colored dye per tick into pixels on current painting. Each pixels stores a lot of dye, which you can check in the information menu. After fulfilling your mission, you have the income means currency and use it to upgrade your level as well as comparing others works. The total income is under the second and continues running your artwork in the background. Let’s help the artists reach their dreams in Aspiring Artist by upgrading the equipment and dye and getting more painting skills to complete more complicated artworks in all new online games.

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2, The King of Towers

Have you ever both fought and built towers at the same time? King of Towers is the ultimate defense Tower game in the list of new online games for free. Let’s protect Azylon country and attack the enemies - Orc with exotic towers and big heroes. Study to upgrade the experiences and become the King of heroes.
People and Orc lived happily in 65 years and 300 years in wars, blood, and danger. But also there are remaining dangers in the world. The King of the enemies has come to attack your kingdom and to take on the forces of evil and lead them back to the dark by using the defensive skills, heroes and armies in new online games in the world. Every day you get eight free picks and let’s have more picks from the tasks. Upgrade equipments, towers and inspire more heroes. Heroes are ready to fight the enemies, and at the same time the armies try to build more buildings, palaces as well as burn, damage the opponent’s assets to present the strength, fame, and reputation on the newly occupied land. The last side will the famous King and continue to fight more in more difficult battle.

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3, Sierra 7

Sierra 7 - the new online shooting game has just released in 2017, received many compliments from the audiences as well as the skilled gamers. Preparing so many skills and focus on the target to shoot exactly. You are the agent number 7 in Sierra unit, and the mission is shooting the enemies and other dangers. You can choose freely in the variety of guns such as short, long guns in all new online games.
Begin with five boards and try to shoot into the center of this targets and then the distance will count you the scores according to the result. After that, the soldier will move to other tricky room. Using arrow keyboard to change the weapon, fire rate and can reload the aim. Be careful with the night vision and come to the menu to increase the shooting skills in new online free play games. There are many obstacles including tables, doors and try to shoot appearing anyone in all the levels. When mission accomplished, don’t forget to press space to return to the main menu and see the mission statistics having shots, hits, accuracy and kills. Go to the upper level and move to the outside environment and many running car surroundings and kill the kingpin because only you can fight off those country enemies to play free new online games. The guns are ready and take down the enemies and keep the country peaceful and stable. Let’s play and try to become the best shooter in this new interesting online game.

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4, Sands of the Coliseum

This game is awesome that everyone should take a look at it. It also the one in the collection of all new online games to play free. Extremely exciting and fascinating new game is in the action games. Come to the menu, and you can choose male or female characters regarding the strength bonus and charisma bonus. With the male, starting with more strength compared with others. Each character has own name with changeable skin, head, hair and coth in random. Come to the battle with the information list noted on the screen enable to look through each side.
Also, you can change the quality of sound and music including low, medium and high mode. On the top right-hand corner of the screen, you can access your school’s, inventory, trophies, and skills. Easily using sword, spear, shield and another weapon to defense and attack against the competitor in the bloody battle. Jumping up and down and throw the spear or sword quickly into the opponent’s body to kill them to kill them as well as upgrade your warrior. After each battle, there will be an illustrating table showing the strength, dexterity, speed and vitality and ready to go up to a more dangerous level. Flexibly move and fight other before the time goes up. The last one will be the champion in the series new online games for free.

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In conclusion

Aspiring Artist, The King of Towers, Sierra 7 and Sands of the Coliseum are all free online games to play. Each game has its speciality, and you should play one of these games at least once.


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