Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons: Excellent story in a simple game

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I am writing this now because I just received an update from Steam that this game is on sale for $2.99. It was already cheap before at $15 but this sort of a price reduction requires urgency.


Brothers is an adventure game that involves puzzles, none of which are terribly difficult. The game is played from a "roaming camera" point of view, always in the 3rd person. The gameplay involves just a few buttons and the artwork is pretty incredible.

The game, unless I am remembering something incorrectly doesn't involve a great deal of spoken dialogue and instead there are just gestures from other characters met along the way. It becomes evident what is necessary to be done simply by the pantomime that other beings present them with once met. I really enjoy this aspect of the game because as you might remember me mentioning about "Ys," the long, drawn out spoken scenes really grind my gears and I end up skipping through them as fast as I can, often times not even reading them.

There are many incidents in the game where the two brothers have to do certain actions together in order to pass a certain part of the game. This brings about an interesting (and sometimes challenging) situation where both of the control pads must be used at the same time such as is displayed in the pic below.



Nothing about the game is terribly difficult. I am a casual gamer and it only took me a day or so to complete it. If i remember correctly I didn't even need to take to the internet to help solve any of the puzzles either.

The story is quite touching, and I am not going to tell you why because it would be a massive spoiler. Let's just say that this game does a great job of sucking you into the story and you are genuinely engrossed in the it as it carries on. They do a good job of making you "care" about the brothers and finding their relationship endearing.

That trailer alone inspired me to reinstall it on Steam today.

I give the game an 8 /10 overall


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Even though im not a fan of puzzle-quests i found this story of this game pretty intriguing. Much because of the lovingly told story which reminded me of the feeling you got as a child when absorbed by a good story. If this team made a sequel i would totally buy it in an hunt of getting that nice fuzzy feeling again. Interesting idea and concept. Even though there is no words in the game you can still get attached to these characters. And what a unique way to play the game with both joysticks.Some small puzzles do get repetitive, nonetheless a great game.

well it seems cheap if everything is as good as you described
this will be interesting enough to see two brothers in action in the game
i will give it a shot man

Well just like it is very exciting watching a movie with a great story, i am aure games are bot left out at well.

From your review, the game seems very interesting and player friendly as you say it is not difficylt to play. I feel it has a way of bringing people together as you would require two players to do a certain task at some point in the game. Imagine calling your spouse or brother to come help youboass a stage in a ganme. Sounds like fun to me.


well I am not certain but i believe it is exclusively a one-person game. I could be wrong, but i completed the game alone.

To be honest i haven't played the game beforw but have seen it a couple of times. Was expecting it to be more of a role playing game like Fallout where you go about gathering resources and crafting new items. But with the game requiring botg control bring use at a time requirea two people playing it. That means it can't be played alone?


one controller, both right and left "sticks"... i don't know what to call those things. I don't believe 2-player was an option... it is meant to be played by one person.

The graphics looks great from the pics, am guessing it will be like God of War from the descriptions, i like adventure games but i love puzzle games more and this incorporates both so, id definitely give it a go. Thanks for the headsup with the reduction in price


it's not at all like God of War, but it is a great game and it is $3. but i don't know for how long