NextColony - First impressions

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Yesterday at 8:00 p.m., the NextColony project was launched. It is an online game with RPG elements. On the day of the premiere, more than a few hundred people registered for the game. This is a quite impressive result. Unfortunately, the performance of the servers during the launch was not very impressive. Personally, after registering to the game I had to wait fifteen minutes until the traffic calmed down and everyone could play freely. However, all of us had to wait even longer for the game, because the creators have not yet received the transfer of tokens.

All right, after the developers started the game we got access to it. For the first few minutes everyone got used to familiar with the interface. I have to admit, it is not complicated and after a while we are able to figure out what and how to do. Shop tab is interesting. I thought it was some kind of built-in item shop. I was partly right. With STEEMs we could buy ourselves some material crates and magic runes that give us a percentage booster.
But the shop is already empty. I hope that soon stocks will be replenished and we will see a little more expanded shop. I mean materials in different quantities, ships, etc.

While reading Discord I saw many opinions that the game has no future, you can do a few things around and so on....
I have no opinion on that. Personally, I think NextColony is a great initiative to use blockchain's possibilities. The gameplay itself doesn't captivate me yet, because I'm currently playing a farmer-style and improving everything I can. When the time comes to explore space, my opinion will surely be enhanced by these aspects. So far there's no point in crossing out this game or praising it for any reason, because it's just a new product.

You can play NextColony here.

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