One hour one life.

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There is a new hype going around the internet. It’s a game called One hour, one life.
The concept is pretty simple, you are born into the game as a baby. Every minute is 1 year.
In the beginning you are depended on you mum for food. After a couple of minutes you are able to get your own food.

You can use resources to create other resources and build stuff. You can grow carrots and other stuff for food. When you die , you get reborn again and you will continue on the same map.

Stuff that has already been created will stay there and will be reusable in your next life.
So you will be building on the same foundation that the last generation left.

The games graphics are simple but pretty funny.

Here’s the trailer:

Unfortunately the game is not free, it cost $20. I haven’t bought it yet but watching other people play on youtube is already highly addictive.


It reminds me of Jones in the fast lane.

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