It appears we have reached the post binge slump

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Last week was a whale feeding frenzy here on steemit for the steemmonsters platform. Any whale who did not already have a full deck of shiny gold foil cars came in and gorged themselves last week and filled up their bloated bellies. This, of course, drove up prices for us common folks to ungodly price levels. Well, just like any good bender we have hit the post coitus shame phase. Now we all look back and just feel dirty for paying hundreds of dollars for a regular Selena Sky. And you should feel ashamed of your self. Right now the creators of the game have bots running full time and are buying up all the cheap cards on the market to drive up prices then resell them at robbery prices. Shame on you.

What is next?

Well, prices will continue to fall and will be propped up by the low bid bots that buy up all the good deals. Then probably a week before the game starts you will see a last minute rush on cards like black Friday looking for the last tickle me Elmo. If it were me I would get all my card buying jollies out of my system and buy in this last cheap slump

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