Game of Thrones Spoils of War Poll

If you've been keeping up with HBO's Game of Thrones, you'll know that this Sunday's episode contained another amazing battle sequence. Some fans are calling it the best one yet. I wouldn't call it that, exactly, but it was enthralling.

Game of Thrones handles a lot of aspects of visual storytelling very well, but what it does best are sprawling yet intimate battles. Every battle is engaging. I'm very excited to see what the creators do for the final Battle for Westeros, and ultimately for the Battle of the living against the White Walkers.

Until then, this last episode got me thinking about my favorite battles on the show up to this point. What's yours? Vote in my poll, see what my other readers think. (Link below)

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I like that Daenerys didn't ask for Tyrion's opinion this time.


It'll be very interesting to see how this is going to affect his job as Hand. HUGE conflict of interest.

great post.

Lol. It killed the reputation of all the local tv shows too. :-)

lol, am i the only one who doesn't watch game of thrones? ;) following anyway! lol


You might be! Haha. It's fantastic, highly recommended. Thanks for following!


Probably not, but y'all are missing out!

Wow great.

And the 2018 Emmy for best cinematography goes to... Robert McLachlan por The Spoils of War, GameOfThrones


Agreed. Absolutely beautiful.

Wonderful post. Thanks For Share.

@digitaltyrants it's really amazing!! I'm thinking watch this episode :)

What do you think about J.Lannister will survive


Yeah, someone will scoop him out of the water. The creators said he's important to how the Lannister story unfolds. I can't see him drowning.


it was be great if he survive, to see tyrion what if he see in front of him. What will do

love this post.....thanks for share..waiting for your next post ..

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