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Ever so slow, but i cant say that i have learned more than what i have over this in about the past ten years at all. Despite life's stasis simply being busy with it seems to be good for my bad head park.

So ...

I'd say nothing much changed but pretty much everything changed, not really on the outside but as i get a bit more insight in this a-sync thing , jquery and phaser i re-did some things

Which doesnt show really, however, performance-wise and also for my personal benefit because the whole collection of pages and scripts is easier to manage it should really make difference, especially over time, as the menu now lies on one separate scene running in parallel with the actual current scene on display .

Meaning : instead of using kilobytes-per-script/scene i now have only one for the menu, meaning if i get to 100 scenes (just picking a number that would have a lot of kb which really DOES matter for a browsergame)

I say browsergame because its definitely not mobile-first - althoug it will very likely run i think downgrading the whole thing to fit on a small phone is not the way to go, so ...
I assume i will end with two custom versions where the phone version will have less functionability or options than the fullscreen HD version but as i never really have done anything this size and stuff like phaser is pretty much edgy on release in 2019 (means bugs and docs that arent made for people like me, but i get around and it sure as hell prevents brainrot)

one thing leading to another - the tree for phaser is quite complex and i find out new ways to adress "stuff" on the weekly, which usually means i re-do "stuff" with the new "stuff" i found which might not show at all on the front-end but in the end is all for the better.

As i have no E.T.A. or obligations due to other peoples money invested in it my conscience doesnt drive me to push out half-finished crud either, so , assuming steem will be here for a while i intend to take my time.

After tickets and playcoins are tested and working (means a linked account with @goldmanmorgan balance) can buy those (but ofcourse not play yet) i'm on the playercharacter generation.

Which so far, mostly has kept me busy figuring out how to store a whole player in one mysqli field in the relevant table, trying to keep it as small as possible with as few lookups as possible - which requires quite some reading again as
AGAIN ( :) ) i have never used SQL before, @tyrnannoght getting a chance due to the free service provided by hostinger including php AND mysql is just the opportunity to do so.
You could say i go from scratch but thats not really true - although i learned a lot on javascript i never had to use before as well.

The player, in essence will have its stats and everything stored on the serverside AND (tadzaam) whatever gets to the browser for display is actually modified RELATIVE numbers, so you see a barchart where the highest stat (your classic game stats like strenght or intelligence and the likes) is alway 100 and the rest are %ages so you never really know what your stats actually are but over playtime it should become clear what is where so you CAN see how its divided, meaning you would know your character is beter with hands than head or vice versa (just to name one thing) i wanted to do it like this since i was shell-scripting the whole thing and i will keep it that way.

Life deals the cards and you play it - characters will have limited number of lives so caution would be advised :-) doesnt mean extra lives wont be available but they would be not really dropping from spiders or slimes in the western tunnels already, meaning the price might be steep, HOWEVER
(im such a lousy merchant, right) thing is you could buy them from players or maybe get them from quests but there is no "ingame store" where you can simply buy extra lives for coin ... i know that's not how its done but its not my intention to make it a cashcow in the first place
and definitely not my intention to make it an easy 1-2-3 experience either

Plenty of other stuff , im thinking no global good-evil but in fact reputation per citizen / npc modified by faction and zone rep ... which will show to people who play later when its there, but again NOT with numbers

Just consider things like for instance Skyrim where you tick off one npc/citizen in the dark of night with no witnesses and suddenly the whole city thinks you're scum - that would prevent that from happening for instance .

You could beat up someone (this is FAAAR away okay) and if you get away with it your reputation in the city would be modified but that doesnt mean everyone in town will KOS you because

well .. citizen have a trait and occupation - slot, i think trading and craft will play a very important part but

i dont like to talk thin air over stuff thats not there , so

As this is a low RC account i think i better call it here :p

thanks for your continued support !!!
if you would like to play later you will need an active @goldmanmorgan account , @goldmanmorgan functions complete and also by itself but there's a current limit of 2D 5P after which a part is returned to the voter

this is to prevent hoarding (so for instance peeps with high SP accounts could start the game and buy out the whole shop and auction , literally monopolizing "stuff" - or whatever people come up with to game the game lol)

gud gud ... limits will be higher as options call for it, this limit allows purchase of a ticket (needed to create a player) and insertcoins (needed to play) ...

other than that there's no use on site for any of it yet

thx, ...

until next week (no specific zone updates, the zone SP is growing slowly by the week but far from everything i need BUT - time is all i have it seems, i got a lot more time than money anyway ...)

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