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cant say there's much to say in a week like this

everything going against , everything acting up and everything holding me back, wading through swampslime and mudskippers in a place where old people and ideas come to die ?


i do, but not anymore - or i did, i cant remember ... that's off-topic, precious watch out or you'll get DOWNvoted, this is moderator-heaven


So i'll just let each picture speak its 1000 words and be done with it ...

tickets / insertcoins, based on @goldmanmorgan accounts works and gets stored , unique, only one type of similar request per post/day possible

tickets, used to pay for generating a new player character, cost variable depending on "the peg" - so now i can indeed

start on the playerpage

there will be not much to generate, as intended from the start, life deals the cards and you get to live it :)

yea , i know ....

well its never meant to be for angry birds players

but you can always jump into the sea and get a new one :)

you wont see much numbers either, only relative barcharts

so if the game ever hits that should give wiki-freaks a field-and-a-half-day and if it doesn't

then none of that matters :)

im tired, sore, heavy, feverish and not too long ago nauseous

maybe im pregnant hahalol enz

gud ... nothing to say on the zones as i basically spent all week feeling like


excrement - got from here to there to achieve nothing and get nothing out of it, then underwent an attempt to draw me back into the local storyline which

as i keep saying

im not interested in since i was 15 (i usually use more graphic language to clarify that)

and .. so its really a nice change and chunk in the code there with the a-synchronicity but it took me like AGES

because i couldn't find the one thing : how to pass variables through php -> javascript to the phaser scene exactly and then how to load the scene on an a-synchronous request, preventing it from loading until the actual thing that it needs is loaded

a-sync, kids ! i dont think "scratch" has that so if you're really into IT, DONT BELIEVE THAT TEACHER !

i actually personally never even read on it until a few weeks ago and its a lot, jquery is not the youngest kid, but its REALLY under-used imo

i dont see many sites staying on the same page from page 1 , and i can see why

but i dont thats a good reason to just simply stick with the "click to post form data" i learned 20 years ago (while doing a job that was really really boring and left SO much time i learned html there and stuff during afternoons)
never went to school for any of it and i would and have never take a 9to5 doing anything IT because that would drain all of it down to a drag while someone else makes money off of my back and ideas SO

until i can run my own biz for me (or whatever ...its really late to start on all that after all these years of shssssssshhhhhht-dontsaythatword)


before someone starts namecalling me, i never went to school for it so if you need a teacher i suggest you do what they told me to : GOOGLE IT AND RTFM


yay me, friendly , shiney

smiley AND


whatever ....

i think that's it for this week

200 dollar post promotion would require a few things like

for instance let's say a playable version of the game and

200 dollar :)

haha lol enz SNOOKKUMS !

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