@tyrnannoght : game-state in the state of standing still , now soon by 2055

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short on a recognizable feed logo across the game-related accounts (O BUT YOU CAN HAVE ONLY ONE - you mean like one per brand ? is all bullshit and i dont care - why is that anyway ? is that like facebook ? so i can be tracked ... forget about the bla)

keeping it short :

https://tyrnannoght.000webhostapp.com/tyrnannoght/ (btw , if you want to see something move like my fabulous adapted fog which in phaser 3 works completely different as emitters , and about everything suffer from severely altered syntax)

the map is wip (as everything always) and now also available in zoomable version on-site

most of the time i'm not too sure or busy having a headache or bouncing from wall to wall like a caged tiger induced by fuckflanders inducing language thats not really suitable for sales i spend on digging into programming

everything that was phaser2 has been kicked out and is now phaser 3 (which requires a lot more digging on top but seems to be a lot more attractive and also would be interesting if i had a life since its barely a month old (release-wise) - which means there's probably a ton to come as the ultra-geeks wanna best each-other posting "hacks" which either speed it up or make the code surprisingly short

which would all be very interesting if i had an illusion of a life at least but for now can serve to keep an illusion of sanity

that and js subtlecrypt (clientside hashing a.o. - i already explained the why i use that, not just because its shiney new and i can barely resist opening pandora's toy) takes up most of it, but i dont feel like i have my bachelor yet -i see a lot of possibilities though AND since i wanna do "a work" , not "a product" it can take years, however, just like morgan has been running more than six months before the announcement of SMT's , fully functional so to speak , there will be functional bits born from the tinkering and dabbling

The foremost remains getting sessions and transactions secure, using steemit or anything that allows replying to posts is using a system thats already proven , and requires ZERO extra times of entering steemkeys of any kind on my behalf, but it DOES require having a steem-account and if you wanna do anything you will need a credited account @goldmanmorgan

which probably leads to the first bit making something possible that's interchangeable (read tradable) - which will make "the pag" quite important when it comes to value or cost of play, which is free as a first option (and only until there's an actual coin included-) and that's as long as @goldmanmorgan isn't raped by steemnazis because of "the rules" or somethign shitty they can enforce because they have sugardaddy dickjuice from giving handjobs to misterdelegation (without it they'd be like a few 1000 SP ... and i doubt there would be many delegation en masse to it anyway) - but this is not a democracy ofcourse,

like all good western systems its enlightened despotism (at best)

o yea i was on the game


minigames as spinoffs, there's one in making at the /tyrtest/ subfolder

secure transactions

and a game that will be when it is

without promotion unless i can suddenly PAY for a team as i'm not mister connection but i know how to manage as long as there's distance and my terms

which all sounds very unhippy

but i have been nothing but very unhappy for over a decade so first one to say law of attraction can get a broken nose

with a smile


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