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The state of the state ...

no salespitch no media hype, no handshake-day, no sponsors, no incoming delegation-for-a-leash

no obligations but me wanting to do it

nothing to prove, no competition ...

hard to believe ?

making this

out of those here and here

took a few minutes while rendering each one took about 3.5 to 4 hours give or take 250 minutes something

2 second animation

keeping busy ?

yes ofcourse - one bit at a time


i'm sure if it werent for the massive support and interest i would have long quit by now, its quite the endeavour (haha LOL etc...)

trying to move as many sbi shares as i have over several accounts to this one , i ve been told it can be done but i'll see, otherwise most of them just take up space and i can better promote the posts myself, its more reliable than third parties who skip beats every now and then, no offense

but they do

The game will be on, and it will be on,

why the subgames ? because i dont do it for likes, because i do it because i wanna and because i need it for my epic and to prevent brainrot -

what's the point of an rpgmaker game ?

well the first point of any game , as far as my limited experience would teach me



so that would be one thing to any spinoff on the side despite the fact that only the main game through the website would roll on @goldmanmorgan (except if fucked by steemcleaner nazis or other kinds of trolls) because thats the only way i see to secure that for now

the way its developing (i dont like to say developed because as i am Schroedingers Nest of Kiplings Cat and Random of Amber i dont just sit down to plan thing, things happen and i go by and on them) for all i can see the trace on a players feed would be ultra-minimal, only involving upvotes (towards the games accounts) or receiving surplus/overflow coin from @goldmanmorgan in the form of steem (which will not be a rich-maker, especially not in the tin-zones/levels)

but a fully developed rpg-maker game i can see that having its uses, for instance if anyone knows Ctulhu Saves the World not a referral link btw , that thing got great reviews, so if i could get a f2p rpg maker game greenlit in the temple of Lord Gaben and have it link back to the website, id say thats pretty promo (in my world that is, i dont know "how its done" so i dont wanna talk too much about that kind of stuff ...)

Then as i dont like roadmaps i really dont wanna talk too much other than show that im really on it when time and brain and clarity and fuckflanders permits

... the zones lootlevels will depend on their voting power (depending on how many players it attracts as well, if any at all ever and who gain and lose coin they have in their pockets to whatever "beep beep" is around you can gain or lose something from in any way provided) but the main account here does not so i was partly thinking

since this place is so fetishist about writing , a bit of outgoinng delegation
(minor, say 100 or so for a week at the start) could be an option for fan-fiction from people with a player character who write a page-story about some event they played or something for that id need to work this up to a few 100 as i dont really need the VP for anything (and if you check all the zones you will find im hardly voting myself up into heaven here)

from what i can imagine the VP would go from 15SP for limbo to maybe 500SP for the dungeon down below so there's enough to divide (like i said its not like you're getting 100 steem a week from playing tin-level zones/games - things have to be sustainable) but there's plenty of options that become options as things evolve

that said as i run on my own money and like to keep it so except for incoming votes until i have a coin to sell and buy , which will be separate because "the peg" as stated on the frontpage of the gamepage which is mostly jquery/ajax and phaser 3 (which is pretty much 2019 stuff so prone to some beetles and far from anything finished)

will decide most of the cost of playing, so if i would have a coin by SMT on the steemchain and its worth $10 a pop then "the peg" would decide how much youd need to pay for whatever


i dont like to explain myself, i dont like to create expectations and i dont like selling what i dont have

so i think i said way too much

its "options" right, not facts or promises, no ICO or whatever and i have no one's money riding on it either

so do i think big or small or over my head ? think i cant hack it ?

i dont really care - the main thing is that im doing it (for me)

the rest we'll see ...

when we see it :)

if you like quotations by supreme authors you can refresh the frontpage until your thumb bleeds but i only have 50 on from the 150 i had on the shellscript version which is a fraction of the total ...

that could keep you busy when you're bored you know for that

a-HA erlebnis

cat out ...

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