#84 Ragdoll Physics & Gameplay (Part2) - Unity Tutorial

in gamedev •  5 months ago 

Rigidbody options for ragdoll physics:

Collision Detection Mode:
continuous dynamic
continuous speculative


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I am confused what to say, which I definitely salute with your ability to make videos and games👍

Thanks for coming and leaving nice comments 😁👍

Good afternoon 😊

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good afternoon man

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Hello @roundbeargames, how are you doing? I enjoy your video. Have a nice day, Sir.

doing good thanks :)

Hello Sir. I like your game.

hello maam thanks 🙂

최근 포스팅에 모두 풀봇 응원~💙
행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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캄사합니다 😀 👍
행복한 불금 보내시길~!


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Where's the food?!

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i guess i'll have one in the next post 😅

Grrrrr… 😡 bring those good stuff back. Coding can't go without good food … and beer 😳

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lol agreed 🐻 🍻 👍

Most of that video just went over my head 🤣.

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lol at this point i feel like i'm just going forward and nobody's following. but i gotta keep going and finish 😂

You can do it 👍

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🐻 👍

heloooo!!!! i love it!! :)

Im glad you like it! :)

Hi @roundbeargames I hope you enjoy your days, about the video that there is a lot of progress about the ragdoll if the color is red seems to be brighter😄, the jump is very high like flying to the sky😊

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Thank you. Theres still a lot more progress to be made tho 😂 ill keep going 👍

게임을 직접 만드시는거에요?? 대단해요!!

네 흐흐 혼자만들고잇어요 어찌될지는 모름 😂

This is so complicated! It gave me a head ache just trying to work out what all the code was about, I have no idea how you manage to master it and add new bits so quickly. Even the information pages were just way over my head, if only people realised how complex and difficult game development is.

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lol at this point i only expect very few people to follow 😂
but i do try to record everything because i've been getting DMs like "how did you do it?"
all i can do is point to my playlist.
i guess nothing's easy! 🐻

Hello @roundbeargames
How are you friend. i think you have black list me.
Because no comment no replay for my previous posts.
Nice tutorial my friend.

sorry i might miss a few comments but i do try to reply to everyone :)
and i have not black listed you

Very well! I hope you are still active with the project.

yes i am still active. i will be active until this turns into a playable game.
i'm just busy this weekend 😂

Amigo espero este bien,exitos en su trabajo y pregunto donde quedo la comida? No la vi jajaja risas saludos @roundbeargames

lol i'm too busy with my gamedev to post food pics now but i might do one in the next post 😂
have a good day!