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The less a writer discusses his work—and himself—the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.(Jack Vance)

Goldman Morgan,
the vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght

Today is Mörsgyr, 4 in the year of Waning Elders
total number of internal wallets : 597
  • number of client accounts : 560
  • number of player accounts : 2
  • number of npc accounts : 8
  • number of zone accounts : 9
  • number of sponsor accounts : 12
  • number of trader accounts : 0
  • number of investor accounts : 5

  1. Mörsgyr, 3 : post should now pick only the 5 most recent updates and rumours, click the banner to read the others on the site if interested, almost forgot again : this place is not for yiffing :p
  2. Mörsgyr, 3 : (yagh ... intval , bash doesnt do commas without bc twas a quicky conv) ... and grep -r '|-' |grep -v ".fee"|grep -v ".wtd"|grep -v ".out"|cut -d':' -f2|cut -d'|' -f1,4,5 , that should fix the gamedate and get the downvoters ready for segregating to the wanted criminal department... essentially not being able to log in (futile ofcourse but as a principle) in effect when totally working this means negative balance so two upvotes can outweigh one downvote - in essence ... you would need only ONE vote to open an internal wallet, then set it to player and you'd never have to vote again if you don't wanna. I have no delusion of making money from votes anymore for a while (explanations are due when they are relevant, you can support the awesome amount of programming and drawing that goes into it for now, hope to live to 2050 to see the game released or simply say 'thats not writing' and wreck all my work ... thats more of a concuse ? (catenated?) (-cise?) version ... ahem ... okay
  3. Mörsgyr, 27: (something must be wrong with the date-calc?) posts on steemit are now picked from updated and 'live' sections from the actual morgan site
  4. Mörsgyr, 25 : switch back to daily, only votes on @goldmanmorgan will count toward internal wallet balance, 60 day limit for 'client' accounts re-instated starting 2019 11 24 , votes on @tyrnannoght much appreciated as appreciation for the further development of the game ...
  5. 20191120 : added gamedate for reference (10 month cycle at Worlds-end)

  1. (Mörsgyr, 3) Lady of the Slain bought the silence of the gatekeeper (+10 gold to #mudpitstownguard severe experimental)
  2. (Frystsin, 26) Cat of Shadows spent the night at the Mudpits Tavern (+1000 gold to #mudpitstavernkeeper severe experimental)
  3. (Frystsin, 26) Minister Locutus sent a servant to Ole' Spicey, buying supplies (+1000 gold to #olespicey severe experimental)
  4. She who brings forth sent a servant to the Shady dealer (+1000 gold to #theshadydealer severe experimental)
  5. He who stands beside Her was seen scheming with the Shady dealer (+1000 gold to #theshadydealer severe experimental)


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the manual


v0.2 : the @goldmanmorgan manual

Trying to shorten the post to save rc , so :
The goldmanmorgan how and what , here :

The @goldmanmorgan why , on @tyrnannoght and here :

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