7 Hero Mage in DotA 2 It's Very Dangerous!

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Mage in DotA 2 is one of the most dangerous roles. Most DotA Mage 2 hero does have an Intelligence role.

This type of hero is also diverse, can be a Nuker to Disabler. Usually, another feature of the Mage hero in the DOTA 2 game is to have a lot of mana despite thin HP. Which is a lot of it is certainly useful to continuously spam active skills. Who do you think the Mage hero in DotA 2 can have a big impact in the game? Here's the review!


Who does not know Invoker in DotA 2? This hero is quite easy to master and has great damage as Carry. Also as a pusher and disabler, Invoker is also useful.
Just imagine, Invoker has 14 different skills that are all summarized in Quas, Wex, and Exort. Surely each skill that you need to racik first before playing actively throughout the game.


Leshrac is one of the Mage with which many are the greatest Nuker in DotA 2. He is very useful when the team is doing a fierce battle.

Moreover the effect of skill from Leshrac not only affects the hero, but also about creep. When doing push, his Diabolic Edict power can be useful for tower quickly.


As a hero with Ranged attack type, Lina is quite useful for the team to do support as well as semi-carry. Its power allows players to nuke and stun to multiple heroes at once. If the enemy is unlucky and has a thin HP, an attack from Lina can kill him.

About Ganking, Lina certainly did not lose. As a result, Lina is quite useful when team fight or target enemies who are away from his tower.


Not only does he look fierce, Lion is also one of the very powerful and useful Mage DotA 2 for your team.
Unlike other mage characters in this list, Lion can also be used as an initiator to launch attacks. For example when the Lion issued an active ability like Hex that can immediately weaken the opponent by eliminating all his special skills.


There are only two specialties for Lich hero that is, as a Nuker or a Support. But as an Intel hero of course Lich is still dangerous.

Especially if you play this hero while in laning. Which one you have may never be exhausted because the ability of Sacrifice owned by Lich can take XP from creep itself, and turn it into mana.

Skywrath Mage

The help from Skywrath Mage is quite beneficial for the team. Moreover, this hero is equipped with a number of disabler abilities that are harmful to the enemy.

How to play the hero is also quite easy compared to other DOTA 2 hero. Enough caged enemy heroes using Arcane Bolt and Concussive Shot. Then if you're lucky, through Mystic Flare the enemy can die instantly because of the incredible effect of Nuke's attack. But one thing you need to remember, do not forget the teammates.

Outworld Devourer

One other dangerous Mage in DOTA 2 game is Outworld Devourer. Mage is also suitable for you make as a hero carry.

His ability is quite deadly, especially if the enemy is exposed to Astral Imprisonment skills. The skill can keep the enemy hidden and powerless for 4 seconds. If Outworld Devourer's 'prison' period is over, then the prison will explode and produce considerable damage to the enemy.

How to comrade, If you talk mage you would rather use Invoker, Share your opinion about hero above ya, And where is your favorite hero.



keren, satu lagi mungkin "Dark Willow", follback ya mas :D

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