Guess the Cell Season 2 Day 3💰 4.28 SBD Prize Pool So Far #guessthecell

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Welcome to Day 3 Season 2 of the #game #guessthecell !

38 cells owned out of 96 cells

Changes made from last season

Guess the Cell (GTC) finished last Season successfully with all the players guessing all the 16 prizes that were hidden in the cells, you can view the results here: Guess The Cell?? Week 1 Results.

Congratulations to the winners of last season!

This season (sounds better than week) I have decided to increase the initial payout pool from 2 SBD to 4 SBD (that is a 100% increase in initial prize pool) and the number of prizes rises from 16 prizes last season to 27 prizes ( that is a 68.75% increase in number of prizes).

Also, the total number of cells rises from 60 cells to 96 cells ( that is a 60% increase).

All of these increases in numbers will give you in this new season more chances to win more prizes ??

Prize pool

The prize pool will be increasing based on the rewards that each daily post receives, the more upvotes the more SBD the post makes the more the prize pool grows.
100% of the author curation rewards that I will be receiving from the posts will be added the to prize pool.


You may ask yourself what I am getting from all of this?
Two very important things:

  • Followers, this game would not be here if it weren't for my current and future followers :*
  • Steem Power which will help me grow, basically I will be making 37.5% from the upvotes in SP/post.

How to play the game

There are 8 columns and 12 rows, in total 96 cells.
One cell is the intersection of a column and a row, for example cell F2 ( column F row 2)


There are 27 prizes scattered throughout the matrix and your goal is to select which cell you want to own.
You can own 1 (one) cell each day, so if you start from day 1, you could be owning 7 (seven) cells at the end of Day 7
In case the matrix fills before Day 7, the matrix will be updated with more columns and rows and the prizes will grow in number. This is what I call a scalable matrix.

How can I trust that the game is fair and transparent ?

I understand if you won't trust me, that is why I have came up with this, optional, solution.
The matrix already has been generated and to ensure that I won't change the placement of the prizes, I have uploaded the matrix on my Google Drive

The excel file is archived and password protected to ensure that people won't cheat.
The password will be released when the results after Day 7 are announced.

This way, if you feel the need to verify me, you can download the file at any time, and when the password is revealed you can check the fairness and transparency of the game.

If the need of adding more rows or columns to the matrix arises, I will upload the excel file, archived and password protected, and the password will be the same password as the first file, thus giving you the change to compare the 2 files.

I hope this sounds fair enough for everybody, and I do realize that some people won't like to download a file from an unknown source, and that is fine by mine, I respect that.

Until I find a better way to make the game transparent and fair, this is what I have to work with this season.

What is a valid and invalid answer

Let's take this matrix as an example (This is from 1st Season Day 6):


For example

"I choose B3"
is a valid answer because the cell has a question mark (?) in it

An invalid answer would be

"I choose A10"
it's not valid because that cell, in this example, is owned by @novaatebatman

Also, it is your responsibility to read other players comments, or just to search ( Ctrl+F) the comments on the post page to be sure nobody else already chose your cell that you want to own.
Having said that I will do my best to rectify any mistakes that the players make and reply to their comments with instructions.

Which cell will you choose to own?


Reply below

Thank you for playing, next post will be on the 31st of July 2017 at around 1:30 AM (UTC+1 - my timezone) depending when I get back from work.


Upvoting and resteeming (optional) will increase the prize pool
This way the players choose how big the prize pool will be


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H1 for me today


Welcome to the game, this is a great example on how to reply correctly.
See you tomorrow on Day 4, you can choose a cell / day. #guessthecell


Your selection is invalid. Please choose another cell that is free.


I choose D11

Cell F10 for me today.

I choose C12

I choose cell G9.

i choose G4

I choose G10

I choose A4

I hope i am not to late...
I choose cell D2


Hi, don't worry, there are still a good 11.5 hours left.


Super! Thanks a lot i thought i am late this time...

Cutoff time. Day 4 will be posted in a few seconds.


Please, next time reply to the post on the correct day. Going to #guessthecell and selecting new, you will see the latest post. Thank you. I entered your selection.


If you see cut off time, you need to wait for a newer post.

E7 for me please