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Short piece today, mainly on the current price.

The numbers so far: there are 145,010 tokens active and a total fund value of 1,144 STEEM (+10 STEEM from yesterday), giving an average token value, or ABV, of 0.789 STEEM cents - up on yesterday.

As I said yesterday, I expect to be at 0.800 in maybe three days.

I shall keep plugging this article: Don't HODL the TULIPS!. Actually, I'm pleased to see some activity in the TULIP market in the last few hours.

The post rewards continue to supply a near-steady income and with the TULIP fund value being quite modest it represents a nice price boost going forward.

Most of our funds are held in MAP FinTech tokens, so will hold their value and some of them will increase over the lifetime of the TULIP Game.

See you tomorrow!


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