Days of the Week Amidakuji Results

in game •  10 months ago

The results for the Days of the Week Amidakuji are in!

And here they are.

Days of the Week Amidakuji JPEG.jpg

Surprisingly, the majority of you chose Monday. I don’t know if so many of you chose Monday because Mondays really are your favorite day of the week, or if you chose Monday because you just thought it would be the winner. Whichever the case may be, I kind of expected Monday to be the least popular choice because, well, where I’m from, Mondays are generally considered to be bad back to work days .

With that said, it’s time to announce the winner. A big Congratulations goes out to @busser for choosing Saturday.

@busser was the sole winner this week and will soon receive the full jackpot of 4.503 Steem Dollars and 4.085 Steem Power. While this week’s jackpot wasn’t as big as the other jackpots of recent weeks, I hope you still enjoy your prize @busser.


To all of you big and small voters out there who are supporting this Amidakuji,, I can’t thank you enough.

Many, Many, Thanks!

To all contestants, please don’t forget to join me again next week!

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Amazing post bro @boxcar

Congratulations to the winner and I hope to be like him
Thank you for your posting

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Gratz @busser !
And to the rest of us who didn't get to win, don't worry ! Let us join the next round !

Thanks @boxcarblue


You're welcome. Please try again next week.

It's okay friends, I like Monday, it is the first working day of the week, all people get ready to work after taking rest Sunday, so I choose Monday. Any way thanks for sharing such an amazing contest. How are you doing friend. Happy steeming.


I was away for a few days. Now I'm busy getting caught up. I hope all is well with you.


Fine going, thanks for the reply. Good night.

Wow, thanks! Why nobody here like Saturdays? Very unusual ^-^


I thought so too. Be sure to play again next week.

This is supercool! @boxcarblue Thanks! Followed...


I'll let you know when the new Amidakuji is posted. It should be up next Tuesday.

Congrats! :D

Congrats to the winner and thanks for running this fun game!!!


Thanks for playing. Better luck next week.

Congrats to @busser - wow, another sole winner!! :D
I got backtracked with replies... and only just got to this... :p Thanks again, @boxcarblue for running this fun game!! :)


I'll be posting another one tomorrow, so don't forget to stop by again.


Will definitely be there! :D Thank you... :)