Blogger Central Super Amidakuji Results

in game •  8 months ago

A big congratulations and thank you goes out to @inoue.

A congratulations for winning the 50 SBD jackpot of this Amidakuji, and a thank you for pledging to power up that 50 SBD and delegate it to Blogger Central.

Now that's what you call a Class Act.

Super Kuji 1 Answers jpeg.jpg

Thank you everyone for playing. Be sure to stay tuned for more exclusive Amidakuji chances, only to be found on the Blogger Central Discord server.

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Thank you everyone!

@inoue is such an awesome steemian! After he won this he turned around and delegated 100SP to us! Thank you so much @inoue -san!

Hi friend, thanks for the announcement, I had also participated but failed haha.


There's always next time.

I congratulate the winner!

Congratulations @inoue🎉✨


便乗! @inoue さんおめでとうございます :)