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As always, thanks to everyone who played. This week's winner is @lakshmi.

With the carryover of Amidakuji #5's jackpot, @lakshmi received a total of 3.98 SBD and 9.763 Steem Power. With the price of Steem on the rise, that's a nice little payout.

I hope you're all enjoying the rise in Steem's value as much as I am. Maybe the next Amidakuji jackpot will be through the roof. Tune back in on May 23 and try your luck again.

Yours truly: @boxcarblue

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Nice win! Congratulations @lakshmi

Ahhh, so close to my guess (n.º 8)!! ;)

Thanks for keeping this Steem giveway game!! :)


I'm glad you're enjoying it.

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