Blast from the Past: Some legendary Bitcoin gamblers

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As I was talking about referrals in a previous post, I was looking through some older Bitcoin sites I used to frequent and build some referrals on, sites such as Primedice, Genesis-Mining, etc. I was reminded of this one player back from 2013 that visited the famous site at the time just-dice, currently using the cryptocurrency Clams instead of Bitcoin due to regulations.

I managed to find a youtube video of it and just had to share, it was really unbelievable being there as an investor and watching it all play out. To give you a quick understanding of the numbers, the one up to the left is the total amount of Bitcoin invested in the site which allowed you to be the "House". The percentage is the sites current profit, followed by amount of bets, total Bitcoin wagered since it's been up and its current profit in BTC. On the row below it shows the users investment and current profit, due to the current player being a huge whale and betting really high bets (the max bets is displayed as "max profit: 480 btc") you can see his investment update in real time.

Notice how most of his bets are 200 Bitcoin at a time, sometimes between a few seconds from each other and the biggest bet he makes there is of 300 BTC currently valued at $2 million.

The site and many others like it were really revolutionary in itself as they offered one of the lowest house-edges possible in Casinos, 1% and being provably fair. Meaning that every bet could be mathematically confirmed that neither the site owner nor the gambler knew the outcome of the next bet, letting players change the seed that randomizes it whenever they wanted if they felt their luck was running out.

Another imfamous gambler by the name of "fuckit" is known to have lost the biggest bet in one click on just-dice. If I remember the backstory correctly, he started out with 100 BTC he had mined but had lost the private key to the wallet, having come to terms with having lost those coins he suddenly found it some time later and decided to give it a roll.
Instead of playing the 49.5% odds to double your amount at the time, he decided to choose a bigger percentage bet such as 96% meaning that there was only a 4% chance for him to lose on the next bet but he would also only gain a 4% minus house-edge profit on each bet.

He had a good run with the starting amount of Bitcoin, but as any other Casino; your luck won't last forever. As we can see from the screenshot, user @bayareacoins tried to warn him but to no avail before this happened:

What's more surprising than losing 7016 BTC in one bet, currently valued at $47 million is his reaction in the chat to it with just an "ouch" and "oh well".

Bear in mind that between September and October when the video and screenshot occurred the price of Bitcoin was hovering between $100 and $200.

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I don't know if 'oh well' is all I'd say but, ya can't dwell on your losses... Metaphors for life really.


Haha, I would've expected some raging at least. :D


this post is so informative @acidyo ....
thanks for sharing


With you use this informative post to compile a research paper on OG BTC dice ballars?

Ouch ouch ouch! 7016 BTC down the drain with one click :/ That kinda makes me feel not so bad about the coinage I lost playing Satoshi dice back in 13, dogedice later on too. Fuckit certainly had the right name ;)

well, also at that time was a nice amount to lose..

If only they knew!

I really wish i paid closer attention then. So many times I looked into Cryptocurrency and only spent a minute or two on it and doubted my self to understand it hahahaha and now it’s all i think about

so much money waisted when we look from today's perspective


And 7 million $ even then..

Ouch >.<

Even with the "low" price of BTCs at the time, the bet was still between 700k and 1.4m, that's a crazy amount to bet on one shot.

A loss for some is usually a gain for others , that we can say "oh well" too

oh my god.. lost 7016 BTC in one bet... i am sure if he was not regretting that time, now he is definitely regretting.. Day by day bitcoin price will go high and his regretting will increase more and more...

Daaaaaam this is insane i would never do that even if i had the money if bill

Mother of gambler !

Interesting story) I'll make a repost

I heard a similar story of a woman who had to buy bitcoin in order to make a transaction on the darknet.

She bought the bitcoin, but then didn't need to make the transaction, so she had 3000 bitcoins which she didn't need.

Fast forward to present day and she remembers that she has 3000 bitcoins - now worth $11 million - but she has lost the private key and passwords.

That money could have bought me a new set of kidneys and facial and backbone reconstructive surgeries.
We never know if fuckit maybe was a very rich person of some entity to waste such tremendous amount of money.


OMG, if he knew what i would be worth at this time, maybe he hadn't risked it :)

I have plenty of friends who act like this guy. Not because they have a lot of money but because they are always willing to bet everything they have on pretty much anything.

Very reflective @acidyo,

As they say history may not repeat but it does rhymes.

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Lets see how many actually response for a comment from Minnow...


I suspect you are going to have to do better than this to receive a response.

Although I just responded... 😛

Did you ever hear of or play on ActionCrypto? It was Bitcoin binary options trading platform where you'd bet if BTC would be higher or lower within certain time variations? My friends built it from scratch and I helped with some cosmetic input on the website before they decided to take it down a few years ago. Just wondering if you'd heard of it since it was back around the same time I believe.

That's also when one of the same "friends" told me to buy Bitcoin then at around $150-200, but refused to show me how to open a wallet to try to teach me a lesson. Tried to ask a few times, but they insisted it was so easy they didn't need to. So I sadly decided to park the plan, and then forgot for a few years, much to my demise.

very sad losing private key to wallet , luckily he can get back, otherwise he lost the 100 BTC mine!

Even back then 7016 BTC is still a big loss! I hope the guy made it back some way.

i am really thankful for the positivity around me and good people like you on steemit who make everyday special :)

Hah hah, i love that kind of people :) It's kind of irrelevant. Do have 7000 btc or don't as long as you do not know how to be happy and enjoy it :) I am sure that kind of guy made it back some way or another. And even if he didn't oh well... Nice read. I think that's what i am to say when i am daying if i get a chance :)

don superb job best ever post on this,waoooo nice photos

Useful information.

How cool is that! I wonder if the reaction is still “oh well” with the price around $7000.
But back then when btc was at $100, the total value was still $700,000.

oh well, just 47 million, no biggie.

Thanks for sharing

Great ...
Good post

"Just another day at the office".

Some day that will be my line in events like that.

Never gambled on these btc sites and never will i'll stick to hodling cryptos

They gamble all the money they have at once lol

Now a days so many sites using multiply games and all with same logic, u won't gonna make any profit out of it

thank you for sharing

Wow lose such amount of BTC in a bet ... with that would be super rich right now. What is not to think about the future :(

Ahh the pain :O

Wow, Amazing! Will be looking forward to see new content!!!

WHAT! 7016 BTC? If only men can see into the future.

There is little to doubt about Bitcoin one of the MOST successful investment of last 2-3 years! And, people who took the gamble of investing in this have gained monstrously. But, there are still many such opportunities on the floor that we need to take. I believe one such opportunity is Cryptonetix, it is the BEST upcoming ICO right now with Analytic Platform concept that is going to be the game changer!

7016 BTC, when BTC worth 100-200$ still value alot.

this guy is probably verry rich and dosent care about losing 47million$

Haha, Dude is a Baller!

Lol! Definitely legendary. Could you imagine if someone bet that amount of bitcoin today 😮😂

7016 BTC coins can be a life changing trade, i dont like the fact that he lost & found them only for a roll!

Have you played on ?
It’s a pretty good site for poker and sports.

That is an unbelievable amount of BTC to lose in one bet. Hindsight and foresight are two of those things thhat I would love to have, even if it were only for a day. Cant even imagine owning 7000 BTC right now

great job keep up the good work

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Funny story, i like good losers;)