Grand Pacific Smash and a Sunny Sunday

in gallerani •  4 months ago


It's not everyday that I like to sit down and have a drink. In fact, it's been several months since I've had any sort of alcohol at all.

Alcohol is literally poison to our bodies. It slows down our nervous system and it slows down the internal processes that make us run efficiently.

On the flip side, alcohol is also the "social lubricant" - many business deals, conversations and romances begin with some alcohol-infused chatter.

It can also be really relaxing and enjoyable to have a drink or 2 in the sun.

Everything in careful moderation, am I right?

This drink is a called a Grand Pacific Smash and it's made with bourbon, lemon, berry and ginger!! 😎

What are you up to on this beautiful Sunday?

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Actually alcohol kills your slowest brain cells. Meaning if you have a drink here & there, it'll give room for your fastest brain cells to function better. It's why many great authors in history had a penchant for booze. Never to advocate for overdrinking though. But a shot or mixed drink here & there does have it's health benefits. Bourbon is full of antioxidants as well.

wow really great drink, i dont know how to preperate it, i agree with you is best to control our way of drinking. i am reading a good book now. greetings from venezuela.
well done @gallerani


It's definitely a hard drink to prepare, I leave it up to the professionals ;)


Yeah it's super hard to make, I've tried it before but it's nothing like what the professionals can do!

Excellent recipe for that drink to relax, even more so now that I am sharing with my family


Haha it was a fantastic drink! I'm glad you and your fam could enjoy as well!

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My sunday was really amazing...I actually went to church, had a conversation with my God! Its really nice when u give praises to whom praise is due.

I came back, prepared a very nice dish and a natural fruit drink to cool off the stress of saturday.

i agree with you ,everything is for people but in moderation. ;)


Absolutely! Moderation is key!


haha exactly, you need moderation ;) !!!

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