Change Requires Actions and Hardship

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A lot of things have been going on in the world.. There's all types of political crap going on in general but things have also been changing a lot in the crypto sphere and Steem as well.

Change isn't always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes we're desperately in need of change. Sometimes change is the very thing between us and our dreams.

I've been wrestling with this idea of mental barriers for a while. There are a lot of things that I want to do in my life - a lot of things that I want to change about my life and how I live it - but these mental barriers have been keeping me locked down and in a sort of paralysis.

These mental blockades are keeping me from my dreams. It's not as easy as you think to simply break through them. I know you've experienced them before. They're hard to deal with and it can be emotional just to think about the implications they have on our lives and our futures.

In wrestling these blockades, I've realized a lot of things about myself and about mental blocks.

Overcoming these blocks happen in 2 broad steps (of course on the micro level there is a lot more going on, but this is a macro view):

  1. The blockades first attain some cracks in the glass
  2. The cracks slowly but surely degrade the integrity of the glass and then, the glass shatters and a whole new world lies beyond it

Giving an example of this in action would defeat the purpose I think. I think that you need to give it some thought on your own - what mental barriers have you wrestled with and broke through to the other side?

That moment when you realize that there are cracks in the glass is a powerful one. It's a moment when you realize what is possible. It's a glimpse into the future. A glimpse where you can see the opportunities that lie in wait on the other side.

Once that glass shatters, your world shatters along with it. Not always in a bad way. In fact, I feel like it's in a good way 90% of the time.

Whether your world shatters in a positive or negative way, 1 thing is very clear - your whole perception of reality changes. This is powerful.

If you can figure out what's holding you back (identify the mental blocks) and then work to just get a couple cracks into that glass, then you too can shatter some of the firmly held beliefs that you have about the world that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

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If it requires efforts and most importantly, self-confidence


Confidence is a hard thing to build, best to be started on early and build over time with small steps!


1000% wowmundo!! Discipline is the key to a great future!! I hope you enjoy the content, thanks for the follow!

Everything is about discipline my friend that´s the secret. I truly enjoyed your post. You´ve gotten a new follower, I want to continue checking your content!

To block oneself mentally is like being blind to opotunities and achievements in life, so we will not give anything away. that is why open up mentally and be positive, you achieve your goals.


Absolutely positivity is the key!


Thanks for the suggestion eccles! I'll look into that. I'm not a big fan of the current sorting mechanism

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It requires happiness as well!


Absolutely! Love these types of gifs because they do exactly that - spread happiness!


Lol!! Where are you getting those from? I'd love to add them in to some of my posts!


Oh yeah!

Change requires actions and hardship, thats for sure @gallerani. And in the process of it all, procrastination is usually a major problem.

To help overcome procrastination there are several things you can do: discipline yourself, realize the consequence, don't wait for the 'right moment', keep a personal agenda, surround yourself with successful and proactive people, recalibrate, and reward yourself.

By overcoming procrastination we have a better chance to take action and battle through our hardship.

Thank you.

But the shattering of the mental block is what so many people are scared of. Such mental block could be someone's comfort zone and most people are not willing to risk their comfort zone for the change that they seek. Every change comes with a price and anyone that isn't ready to pay the price will never experience change.

Hm. Motivation, mental visualisation -- decent topics to tackle. You should add more tags to your article!