A Couple Thoughts on E-Books and Why I've Been Using Them

in gallerani •  6 months ago

In my previous post, I mentioned that I have been using my iPhone a lot more lately.

My belief is that smartphones can actually make us smarter. If we use them right, that is.

There isn't exactly a black and white answer about good and bad ways to use your smartphone. Many use cases will be subjective.

i.e. spending a lot of time on Instagram can be a waste of time for many individuals, but not for those whose business is to be an influencer on IG.

If that's their business and passion and main source of income, then it would make sense for them to spend countless hours of time pursuing instagram and looking for the best ways to grow their business further.


I've been reading more and more on my iPhone recently. Reading is a fantastic way to consume great content from world-renowned thinkers.

It's also just a great way to get entertainment in my opinion. To me, reading a science fiction novel is far more interesting than watching a Sci-Fi movie...

But what about paperback? Is there more benefit to reading a physical book?

I think it kind of depends on the person. If you're the kind of person who takes notes and writes their thoughts while they read (this is how I'm wired), then it would probably make more sense for you to read e-books.

While I'm reading, I take countless notes and make tons of highlights of my favorite passages. I write down my thoughts - how I may word something differently or a better way for me to remember it, etc.

When I used to read physical books, I'd have to go back through the book and re-write each of my notes into my digital notebook so that I would have them with me wherever I went.

Now my notes and highlights and books themselves are all stored in the cloud. They're on all of my devices and all that knowledge and work is available to me wherever I am.

That's the power of ebooks and I imagine that this power will continually get stronger and stronger. The better our technology gets, the better we'll be able to consume this information and keep it with us.

Smartphones can make you smarter, if you have the discipline and knowledge to use them correctly!!

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